Sweet & casual Paris elopement at the Medici Fountain

casual Paris elopement

How can this casual Paris elopement inspire you?

Katrona & John from Canada planned a sweet and casual Paris elopement because they wanted to keep things simple and lighthearted. Katrona said: “To us the most important aspect of our wedding day was for it to be stress free. We don’t like big events or being in the center of attention or something too artificial.” So a big wedding with all the frills was clearly not for them. Instead they wanted to focus on each other. Enjoy a fun, romantic and casual day just the two of them. And have an intimate ceremony with a secret garden feel.

If you are envisioning a sweet, simple and casual Paris elopement as well and/or if you are a shy couple you should definitely keep reading. Katrona & John’s chose the perfect location and style in order to have a sweet, romantic and intimate ceremony and a laid back and fun Paris elopement experience.

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Elopement locations – Parisian Café & Luxembourg Gardens

The Eiffel Tower is clearly the most iconic landmark in Paris. But your Paris elopement does not have to be all about the Eiffel Tower. How about you include the Eiffel Tower as one stop during your wedding photo shoot? And then you move on to other beautiful locations. If you are looking for a casual, sweet and romantic Parisian feel then you should definitely include a stop at a Parisian Café. Katron & John also wanted to have the famous Parisian metro sign in their photos – I can’t think of anything more authentic. Or why not some typical Parisian streets where you find beautiful architecture as a backdrop: Such as the beautiful doors that Katrona & John used for their elopement photo shoot (see above).

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Intimate ceremony for shy couples at the Medici Fountain

Also if you are a rather shy couple and want your ceremony to be as intimate and private as possible then I would the Eiffel Tower is not the best fit. I would rather recommend a more intimate ceremony location: There are so many beautiful and romantic parks and gardens in Paris that are more quiet and less busy.

Katrona & John chose the Medici Fountain. A beautiful spot in the Luxembourg Gardens. Additionally we met there in the early morning to avoid curious passersby. As their celebrant in Paris they asked me to create a simple, romantic and meaningful ceremony for them. And as you can see we had a lot of fun celebrating their love together.

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Casual style & personal details

Also Katron & John’s wedding style and outfits were romantic and casual. The bride decided against a traditional wedding dress and chose a beautiful white summer dress instead. Katrona said: “Our vision was “simple elegance”. We agreed not to stress about the small things. For example, if my hair was not perfect or if it rained this was something that we did not want to get in the way of enjoying our day. I think this let us truly enjoy every moment.”

The couple also added some beautiful details and personal elements to their sweet & casual Paris elopement. As their Paris officiant I really loved the cute flags saying “Just eloped!”. They couple wants to use the photo to send cards to their loved ones.

Even if the couple had an nontraditional and casual Paris elopement they did not completely skip wedding traditions. Katrona said: “We included the something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue. The something old was particularly important to me. It was a lace cross that belonged to my mother; my sister gave this to me before we left for Paris. Having this cross made my feel like my mom was with me on my wedding day.”

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Love story of this casual Paris elopement

And let’s not forget Katrona & John’s love story! This time I let the bride tell their love story herself: “John and I met online through Match.com. It is funny because we had several mutual acquaintances but never crossed paths; it took an online dating service to connect us.”

“John proposed in May of 2016 at a beautiful rustic cottage just east of Toronto. We are both lovers of the outdoors, so it was the perfect setting.  John created a picture book that narrated our fours years of dating; once I got to the end of the book he proposed.”

And a little later the multicultural couple traveled to the city of to celebrate a fun, sweet and casual Paris elopement at the Medici Fountain.

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Vendors of this casual Paris elopement:

Photographer: Pierre Torset Paris Photographer
Celebrant: The Paris Officiant
Wedding dress: Azalea Dress by Self Portrait
Wedding suit: Top Man
Flowers: Frenchgrey

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