5 tips to plan your cherry blossom wedding in Paris

cherry blossom wedding in Paris

1. When should I plan my cherry blossom wedding in Paris?

Cherry blossom in Paris usually happens sometime between late March and late April. The cherry blossom tress bloom around 1 week to 10 days. Beginning and duration of cherry blossoms vary every year depending how cold and long winter was and how early spring arrives with milder temperatures.
So if you are planning your trip and wedding in Paris sometime between mid March and mid April – chances are good that you will be surrounded by cherry blossom on your wedding day.

spring wedding in Versailles

2. Where can I plan my cherry blossom ceremony?

There are many beautiful places to see and take wedding photos with cherry blossoms in Paris. However in order to also be a great ceremony location for your elopement ceremony these spots need to offer more than just cherry blossoms: The location also needs to give you some sort of intimacy and needs to offer a nice backdrop for your wedding photos. My absolute favorite cherry blossom ceremony locations that check all the boxes are the following:


cherry blossom eiffel tower ceremony


wedding ceremony cherry blossom park

(Please note: currently not available due to the recent fire & current renovations in Notre Dame)

notre dame cherry blossom

There are a few other HIDDEN GEMS: Not so many people know about them so they are a bit more intimate. e.g. Jardin des Plantes, Parc de Seaux, Parc Monceau etc…
If you are interest to know more about all the different cherry blossom ceremony locations we could use for your ceremony in Paris with me, your Paris officiant, please reach out!

spring wedding in Paris
cherry blossom Paris

3. What time of day to choose for my cherry blossom wedding?

As your celebrant in Paris I always recommend to plan your elopement ceremony as early in the morning as possible in order to beat the crowds and be as intimate and quiet as it gets. This is even more important during cherry blossom season! Because many people are traveling to Paris hoping they’ll see cherry blossoms and are of course flocking to the famous cherry blossom spots.
So I strongly recommend no later than sunrise for your cherry blossom ceremony at the Eiffel Tower. If you love the romantic park or any of the other cherry blossom locations early morning will do!

cherry blossom sunrise ceremony eiffel tower

4. How will the weather be at this time of the year?

Do you know the saying: April weather, rain and sunshine, both together? Well, that pretty much explains it all! Even if temperatures are certainly slowly rising in early spring it can still be pretty cool – especially in the early morning. So be ready and prepared! Just take a few extra layers or warm accessories for your wedding in Paris to fight the cool temperatures and feel comfortable during your ceremony.
Also bring a cute umbrella – just in case! Spring in Paris is famous for it’s sudden but usually short rain showers. But, oh my, isn’t a bit of rain so romantic?

romantic rainy vow renewal paris

5. What if we miss cherry blossom?

You got a rough idea now which dates to pick for your wedding elopement in Paris or renewal of vows. However you also know now that it’s very hard to predict when cherry blossom in Paris will start and end each year. So in spite of great planing there is unfortunately always a little risk that you may miss it!
Luckily there are other beautiful spring blooms that you can admire that time of the year in Paris and that we can use as a Plan B for your ceremony: For instance if you come to Paris and it turns out that cherry blossoms haven’t started yet then we got Magnolia trees which are the first spring blooms in Paris. If cherry blossoms happen to have already fallen off the tree on your Paris wedding date then other blooming tress will take over. So rest assured: Even if your timing for cherry blossoms did not work out, there will be other beautiful blooms for your wedding in Paris! As you Paris officiant I will guide you to the most beautiful spots!

spring bloom paris
romantic spring bloom season

Paris cherry blossom wedding photographers:

Photos: Photographer in Paris Pierre Torset, L’Amour de Paris, Caitlyn Nikula

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