Eiffel Tower ceremony with family rituals

Rhonda & Richard did not think about an Eiffel Tower ceremony at first! Two years ago the couple started planning a classic wedding back home in Delaware. When their 13-year-old son Nathan was diagnosed with bone cancer they stopped the entire wedding planning at once. Together they gathered all their strength to fight against the disease. The family – Rhonda, Richard, their son Nathan and 4-year-old daughter Brianna – went through rough times together.

2 years later Nathan started to get better. His disease made Rhonda & Richard realize: Life is precious and fragile. Things that we take for granted can change quickly. The couple did not want to postpone anything into the future anymore. Instead they decided to create unique memories together as a family – now! Rhonda & Richard felt it was time that they finally have their wedding. Not a big party as they originally planned. But just the two of them together with their two kids. To extend the family experience they decided to travel to Paris to have an Eiffel Tower ceremony with family rituals.

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Eiffel Tower ceremony with unity candle family ritual

Rhonda & Richard are already legally married since two years. They just never had the chance to have a personal wedding ceremony and celebration. So they asked me, their Paris officiant, to prepare an Eiffel Tower ceremony with elements of a wedding ceremony and a vow renewal ceremony.

The couple also chose a special date for their Eiffel Tower ceremony with family rituals. It was the date of the second anniversary of their legal wedding ceremony. This date also fell on Good Friday which was a beautiful symbolic date for their Eiffel Tower ceremony. Rhonda said: “We have a strong belief in God and our anniversary falls on Good Friday. So I do prefer a religious ceremony.” As their celebrant in Paris I prepared a slightly religious ceremony for the couple including a prayer for a brighter future.

We also added the wedding ritual of the unity candle, which is often used in religious ceremonies. As their Paris officiant I changed the unity candle ritual into a family ritual: I lighted up Rhonda and Richard’s individual candles. The couple passed the flame on to the individual candles of their two children. Then all together the family lighted with their four individual candles the large unity candle. The unity candle symbolizes the strength of the family bond and is a blessing for a brighter future.

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Personal wedding vows to say “thank you!”

The couple read their personal wedding vows to each other. After the hard times they went through together they enjoyed this moment to express how thankful they are to have each other.

Rhonda & Richard met 10 years ago on a New Years party. He was asking her for a dance. Rhonda said: “I thought it is impossible to meet a nice guy at a New Years party. But it turned out differently.” They got legally married back home two years ago. But then Nathan’s got sick. Rhonda said: “Our family has been going through some really hard times with my son fighting cancer. This trip and renewing our wedding vows with our kids is very special to us! Maybe more special than the first time around.”

As their English speaking officiant I wish Rhonda, Richard, Nathan and Brianna all love, happiness and health in the world from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy many more precious and unforgettable moments together as a family!

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