Elope in Paris during the Olympic Games 2024

Paris Olympic Games 2024 elope in Paris
Paris Olympic Games 2024

You are planning to elope in Paris in 2024 during the year of the Olympic Games. But you are wondering how such a big event might influence your dream elopement or vow renewal in Paris. As your celebrant in Paris I will cover all important things you need to know when eloping or renewing vows in Paris in the year of the 2024 Olympics:

WHEN are the Olympic Games 2024 taking place in Paris?

The Olympic Games in Paris are taking place from July 26th – August 11th, 2024. The Paralympic Games (the Games for athletes with disabilities) are taking place from August 28th – September 8th, 2024 in Paris. The opening ceremonies will be on July 26th and August 28th.

The Olympic Torch Relay preceding the Games will already start in May countrywide, but the Torch will only arrive and be carried all around Paris on July 14th / 15th 2024.

Olympic Torch:
July 14th / 15th 2024
Olympic Games:
July 26th – Aug 11th, 2024
Aug 28th – Sept 8th, 2024

WHERE will the Olympic Games 2024 take place?

The Olympic Games are going to take place all over France, however the majority of the Olympic venues will be in Paris. Especially the scenic areas around the Eiffel Tower and along the Seine river – the stretch from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre – will be used for the Games. The Olympic venues as well as public viewing areas will be set up there and access will be limited or entirely blocked.

Here is an official map of the Olympic venues in Paris:

Paris Olympic Games Venues

HOW will the Olympic Games impact my Paris elopement?

If you elope in Paris in 2024 during the year of the Olympic Games there are several things you need to keep in mind.

1. Restricted areas

The biggest issue when eloping to Paris in 2024 will be that many of your favorite elopement ceremony locations may not be accessible! The Olympic Venues in Paris will be set up around the most scenic locations such as the Eiffel Tower, Alexander III bridge, Golden Gate (Petit Palais) and the Seine river banks from the Eiffel Tower to the Tuileries and Louvre.

These areas will be closed down for public in order to set up the Olympic venues and public viewing areas. We don’t know yet, when Paris will start to set up the Olympic venues and from which date these areas will be inaccessible, nor do we know the where exactly the restricted areas will start.

But there will still be many other great elopement locations available. As your Paris wedding officiant I know many beautiful places to elope in Paris and will also keep you posted as I find out more. Below I created a gallery of elopement and vow renewal locations for you, that we can use in 2024.

2. Travel dates

The most complicated dates to elope in Paris in 2024 will surely be the dates of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Torch Relay. However you might not have a choice as you are traveling to Paris for the Olympic Games and want to combine it with your elopement or vow renewal. We can do it, just bring some extra patience and flexibility!

Nevertheless as your marriage celebrant in Paris I am counting with disruptions in 2024 also:
– during the months leading up to the Olympic Games (setting up the venue, rehearsals etc.)
– between the Olympics and Paralympics (they will use the same venues)
– still some weeks after the Olympic Games 2024 are concluded (removing the venues etc.)

So if you plan to renew your wedding vows or elope to Paris in 2024, especially the closer you get to the Olympic Dates, just keep in mind that we may have to keep our planning a little bit flexible.

Olympic Torch:
July 14th / 15th 2024
Olympic Games:
July 26th – Aug 11th, 2024
Aug 28th – Sept 8th, 2024

3. Traffic & Transportation

As many areas will be closed in Paris during the Olympic Games, getting around the city by cab or Uber might get challenging. Traffic is already dense in Paris as it is: Now adding more people (visitors, athletes, Olympic staff etc.) and at the same time closing down some streets for the Games, you might get stuck in traffic a lot. So plan extra time! Also using public transport or walking / taking a bicycle may make things smoother for you.

4. Olympic prices

As the demand is high, prices for flights, accommodation and more might spike during the Olympic Games 2024. So if you want to elope to Paris in 2024 and can avoid the Olympic dates, that will make you safe a lot of money and you may be able to beat the biggest crowds.

So can I still elope in Paris during the Olympic Games?

Yes, you will still be able to elope in Paris in 2024!

However staying flexible is key! Because as much as we know the dates of the Games and locations of the Olympic venues, many things are still unknown: We don’t know when Paris will start to set up the Olympic venues, where exactly the inaccessible areas will start, how the Games will influence traffic, and so much more…

So if you decide to renew your wedding vows or elope to Paris in 2024, you need a bit of patience and flexibility as we’ll have to figure out a lot of things as we go – plus a tad of adventure spirit will go a long way!

As your officiant in Paris I will always keep an eye on news and updates about the Olympic Games and the possible impact on our elopement or vow renewal. So rest assured: I will keep you posted and together we’ll be planning a beautiful celebration when you elope in Paris in 2024 during the year of the Olympic Games.

BEST places to elope in Paris during the Olympic Games

1. Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is by far most of my couple’s favorite location to elope or renew vows in Paris. However many Olympic venues will be set up all around the Eiffel Tower. So the usual places we use for elopements such as Trocadero (including gardens + fountain), Champs de Mars and the Seine riverbanks will be closed down sometime before and inaccessible during the Olympics.

The public elopement locations in this photo gallery with an Eiffel Tower view will remain open and we can use it for your ceremony.

However these places will be much busier than usual, so as your Paris marriage officiant I would rather recommend elopement locations that you see in the last two galleries below if you’d like an intimate moment to exchange your vows. (updated: August 2023):

2. Louvre & Tuileries

It is still unknown whether the area of the Louvre museum, pyramid and courtyard, as well as the Tuileries Gardens will be accessible during the Olympic Games and to what extent.

The Paris elopement ceremony locations that you see in this photo gallery are currently possible (updated: August 2023):

3. Parks & Gardens

As your experienced wedding celebrant in Paris I warmly recommend to choose one of these romantic gardens and intimate Parisian parks that you see in this photo gallery.

Paris will be very busy in the year 2024 of the Olympic Games. The famous sights and central Parisian areas will be even more crowded than usual.

So these parks and gardens allow you to step out of the rush of the city and to enjoy a quiet and intimate moment when you exchange or renewl your wedding promises in Paris.

4. Cityscape & Architecture

As Eiffel Tower, Alexander III bridge as well as the Golden Gate (Petit Palais) will be closed, and the accessibility of the Louvre still unknown, it is time to discover more of the beautiful Parisian squares, Seine riverbanks and typical architecture of the cityscape that Paris has to offer.

These authentic Parisian elopement locations will all be available for your vow renewal and elopement in Paris in 2024 – also during the Olympic Games:

Can I rent a private venue to elope instead?

That is a great idea! If you rent a private venues for your elopement ceremony we won’t be impacted by possibly inaccessible or elopement locations that might be closed down. Plus we would be entirely quiet and undisturbed by crowds and be able to enjoy a more intimate and private moment for your ceremony.

You don’t have to book a huge ballroom in one of the elegant Paris wedding venues. My advice is: Simply look into nice hotels, restaurants or AirBnbns. The keywords are: balcony, terrace, rooftop or garden – these are gorgeous options for a private elopement location. You can also look into boats or other unusual but super romantic places to elope in Paris.

However if you still want to take elopement photos around Paris, then you might of course encounter the same challenges that are mentioned above.

Paris Shangrila elopement Eiffel

What about my destination wedding in Paris?

Destination weddings in Paris are usually taking place in a private venue. So you don’t have to worry at all about your wedding ceremony and wedding celebration. Your dream wedding in France will not be impacted by restricted areas in Paris. However the rest still applies: Depending on your wedding dates, Paris might be busier and prices higher than usual.

If you are still looking for your dream venue in Paris feel free to have a look here: Best Paris wedding venues You can also choose one of the many French chateaus all around Paris as your wedding venue and thereby escape the busy capital for your destination wedding in France.

Photos by: Pierre Torset Paris elopement photographer, Timeless Paris Photography, The Parisian Photographers,

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