Stylish French chateau wedding in a fairytale castle

french chateau wedding paris officiant

Round turrets, topiary gardens and a water lily pond: I felt like I entered a world of fairies and elves when I arrived at the castle that Jenni & Shawn chose for their French chateau wedding. Chateau du Pin is a 15th century castle on the French countryside. It has a main wing with antique decorated rooms, an old chapel and a garden that looks like straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Perfect for an intimate French chateau wedding!

When Jenni visited France for the first time she absolutely fell in love with the country. Since then she dreamed to have her wedding in France. That’s why Jenni & Shawn decided to have a French chateau wedding. Jenni also said: “We wanted to write our own unique story! And we wanted something small enough to not induce anxiety, yet special and inclusive of our closest friends and family.” And Chateau du Pin seemed like the ideal place for a stylish French chateau wedding: The perfect backdrop for a unique and elegant outdoor wedding on the French countryside!

french chateau wedding paris officiant

french chateau wedding paris officiantfrench chateau wedding paris officiant

Wedding ceremony with handfasting ritual

Jenni & Shawn decided to have their wedding ceremony on a beautiful stone staircase and balcony of the French chateau. A harpist was playing the couple’s favorite songs for the processional and recessional. Jenni & Shawn decided for a slightly religious wedding ceremony. So as their wedding celebrant I included a prayer to bless their union.

We also included a wedding ritual into the ceremony: Jenni & Shawn decided for a handfasting ritual. For this old Celtic ritual the couple holds hands while I am wrapping ribbons around their hands. The ribbons have to be arranged in a certain way. So when Jenni & Shawn pulled at the ends of the ribbons they were literally “tying the knot”. And those ribbons tied in an infinity knot are a beautiful keepsake to remind them on their wedding day. And as Shawn’s family is originally from Ireland the couple felt that this ritual was especially fitting.

french chateau wedding paris officiantfrench chateau wedding paris officiantfrench chateau wedding paris officiant

Bespoke wedding ceremony with family contribution

I also feel that it is always very special when a family member or friend is contributing something during the wedding ceremony: Jenni’s brother Nick chose a beautiful baroque poem and read it for the couple during their wedding ceremony. The poem reflected an important aspect of Jenni & Shawns love story – for a while they were often separated because of their long distance relation. And the poem was also a good wish for their shared future and marriage together.

As their celebrant I prepared a bespoke wedding ceremony for Jenni & Shawn. It also payed tribute to their beautiful love story: Jenni & Shawn met while working together in a bar. Jenni had just moved to Nashville. So the bar manager introduced her during a staff meeting. He also asked Shawn to help her carrying her moving boxes. Jenni said: “Shawn ended up toting all of my shoes (I mean ALL of them) up to my new place. I thought he was SO sweet for helping me out when he didn’t even know me.”

The first encounter was promising. So a little later Jenni & Shawn started dating and fell in love with each other. Even a long distance relation and many personal and professional changes could not tear them apart anymore. So six years later Shawn proposed to Jenni during their holidays in Mexico. Shawn went down on his knee in the middle of a beautiful beach and asked Jenni to marry him.

french chateau wedding paris officiant

french chateau wedding paris officiantfrench chateau wedding paris officiant

Elegant wedding style & French blue color theme

And so 2 years later on a beautiful summer day Jenni & Shawn got married at the French countryside with a gorgeous French chateau wedding. Jenni said: “The chateau was so beautiful, we wanted to just add a little bit of our own personal whimsy! And because our ceremony was in France, we wanted to incorporate accents of French Blue into the details of the wedding” So the invitation cards and ceremony program had French blue accents. The bridesmaid wore French blue. And the ribbons on Jenni’s bouquet were French blue. Same as the ribbons that we used for the handfasting ritual.

The reception took place in the topiary gardens of the French chateau. A long table was covered in candelabras and flowers. And Jenni & Shawn enjoyed cheerful and light-hearted moments celebrating their wedding together with their closest family and friends. Jenni said: “There were so many special moments throughout the day that I will forever cherish: My dad walking me down the aisle to my husband. The ceremony that was incredibly touching, unique and special… I was in tears for most of it – haha. It was truly so special and incredibly surreal for both of us!”

french chateau wedding paris officiantfrench chateau wedding paris officiantfrench chateau wedding paris officiantfrench chateau wedding paris officiant

Vendors of this beautiful French chateau wedding

Venue: Chateau du Pin

Photography: Jenni’s friend and photographer Anna Woerman & Pierre Torset Wedding Photographer in Paris

Jenni & Shawn’s kind words about The Paris Officiant:

“Laura is as good as it gets! My fiancée and I planned a small, intimate destination wedding in the Loire Valley at a lovely chateau. Because it was a destination for everyone in attendance, I had some reservations with planning some of the minor details out and Laura easily put my worries to rest!

She incorporated a handfasting ritual, French vows, and a poem that my brother read, making the ceremony so personal, unique and special! She was so helpful and very easy to talk to. Having her officiate the ceremony was the best decision we could have ever made. Her delivery as well as attention to detail is extraordinary and myself, my now husband, and my entire family was blown away. She is amazing!!!”

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