Gay wedding in Paris at the Four Season George V

Gay wedding in Paris

How can this gay wedding in Paris inspire you?

If you can learn one thing from this beautiful gay wedding in Paris then it is this: Let your imagination run wild and dream big for your wedding ceremony! Your ceremony and celebration can be all you ever wanted it to be and completely YOU down to the last detail.

Your wedding ceremony in Paris performed by a wedding celebrant or wedding officiant is a symbolic ceremony, which has one huge advantage: You are completely free! Because there are no legal requirements, restrictions or rules that you have to follow when having a civil or religious ceremony. Your symbolic wedding ceremony in Paris can be short or long; simple to sumptuous; funny, emotional, solemn, thematic, spiritual – you name it. You can focus on your love story or incorporate ceremony rituals; include your guests or add surprises – and you can also do all of it. Just like Mauricio & Sebastian did. They went all out with their celebration of love. As their Paris officiant it was pure joy for me to accompany them making all their many ideas a reality.

Mauricio & Sebastian got married in Paris, because the city of love is part of their love story (read their beautiful love story further below). They decided for an intimate gay wedding in Paris at the Four Season/ George V Hotel because as Mauricio said: “This wedding venue has all the classical style and Parisian elegance but with a contemporary twist.” The ceremony took place in the Salon Louis XIV, a beautiful space where we could create Mauricio & Sebastian’s absolutely inspiring and creative gay wedding ceremony in Paris.

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Wedding ceremony – let your imagination run wild

So let’s dive right in: The wedding ceremony. When Mauricio first contacted me, their celebrant in Paris, he said: “The concept for our wedding is Extravagant Paris with a Latin vibe. Can we apply this to our ceremony?” Sure thing! We then let our ideas flow. And it was a real pleasure to see both of them get so excited about all the elements we decided to include. Sebastian later contacted me separately as he had a couple of surprises planned. I will now run you through the flow of their Paris wedding ceremony:

Surprise: I always open destination wedding ceremonies by thanking the guest for having traveled from far away to share this unique moment with the couple. Mauricio & Sebastian also wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to their loved ones who were unable to join. Amongst them were also Mauricio’s children. Sebastian had therefore prepared a wonderful surprise: He had recorded Mauricio’s kids saying how much they missed him on his wedding day. And we played this audio message during the ceremony. Clearly when hearing these sweet little voices from the other side of the world the first tears started flowing instantly.

Love story: I had sent Mauricio & Sebastian a wedding questionnaire in order to prepare the ceremony. They had answered the questions separately. So I was able to retell their love story with many sweet and funny details that made everybody laugh and cry at the same time. You definitely have to read their love story further below!

French touch: As their Paris officiant I had found a beautiful French poem that was perfectly fitting to their love story. As the couple wished to have a French touch, I read it in both languages, French and English.

Contributions: The couple also wanted to honor their closest friends and siblings who were present. Their four witnesses had each prepared a few words for the couple that they said during the ceremony to express their best wishes. Clearly another moment for more tears and laughter.

Religious: Mauricio & Sebastian are both deeply rooted in their faith. Even if they did not want to have a religious ceremony they wanted to have a religious element. So I created a prayer for them to bless their union.

Wedding vows: They both wrote their personal wedding vows that they read to each other in their mother tongue Spanish. As their English speaking celebrant I performed most of their ceremony in English. But we also made sure to incorporated parts in French and Spanish as well such as the wedding vows. Sebastian had prepared another surprise. He had practiced a love song as part of his vows and sang it for Mauricio during the ceremony. So latest at this moment I was crying too!

Unity candles: The two of them loved the symbolic of light and fire. That’s why we also incorporated the unity candle ritual – but with a twist. After having lit their unity candle together Mauricio & Sebastian were spreading the fire of their love. I had prepared candles for all of their guests. So now the couple was passing the flame on to each of their guests until the entire room was a flood of warm candle light.

Wedding certificate: As a wedding celebrant in France I can only perform symbolic ceremonies. Therefore I usually only give the couple a symbolic certificate as a keepsake after the ceremony. However Mauricio & Sebastian wanted to sign together with their witnesses their symbolic certificate as a part of the ceremony. With this they wanted to affirm how real and serious their marriage and their promises are. Even if they are unfortunately not allowed to get legally married in their home country.

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Love story – true soulmates found each other

Mauricio & Sebastian met online on a dating app. After a week of constant texting their desire grew to finally see each other in person. For their first date Mauricio had invited Sebastian to his place for a candle light dinner. Mauricio said: ”After opening my door it took me only three seconds to know Sebastian was perfect for me, it felt right instantly!”

They were drawn to each other and the spark started flying at once. It was love at first sight – for both of them. Sebastian said: “The moment I saw Mauricio I knew that he was my soul mate and the one that God had destined for me.” In the end of the evening they both knew that they wanted to be with each other. So the two of them are inseparable and head over heels in love ever since.

Two years later Sebastian proposed to Mauricio on their anniversary. On a spot that they both often went to together he had prepared a blanket with picnic and champagne surrounded by dozens of white balloons. He then called Mauricio to tell him to come right away and that it’s urgent. Mauricio quickly drove over not knowing what was about to happen. Until he saw Sebastian surrounded by the balloons. When Sebastian asked him to marry him Mauricio answered: “A million times YES!”

Mauricio & Sebastian (originally from Guatemala and Colombia) now live and work together in Mexico. They love traveling and shared an unforgettable trip to Paris: All his life Sebastian had always refused to go to Paris if not with this one true love. So when he met Mauricio he knew that he was the right person to discover the city of love together. Their trip was like a true fairytale. And the city is so special to them because it symbolizes that they have found their soulmate in each other. So it made perfect sense to get married in Paris. They planned an intimate gay wedding in Paris with only their closest families and friends present. Mauricio said: “Paris is and will always be the most romantic city in the world.

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Vendors of this gay wedding in Paris:

Venue: Four Seasons Hôtel George V Paris
Photographer: Eugenia Ziginova Fine Art Photography
Officiant: The Paris Officiant – wedding celebrant in Paris

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