How to write wedding vows – 10 romantic examples to inspire you!

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How to write wedding vows that are personal and romantic? This is a questions my couples often ask me as their wedding celebrant in France. That’s why I wrote a blogpost with 10 tips and ideas about how to write your personal wedding vows. For more inspiration I decided to share some examples of personal wedding vows with you that my couples wrote.

As Paris Officiant I am lucky as I get to read the wedding vows of many couples. Sometimes they are romantic, emotional and touching. Sometimes they are creative, funny and cheeky. Sometimes they are short and sweet, sometimes long and elaborate, sometimes they contain a poem or love letter. All of these personal wedding vows are special and meaningful in the way they express love and the uniqueness of the couple!

So for more inspiration on how to write wedding vows following you will find 10 examples of personal wedding vows. Wedding vows are no competition, so I did not choose “the best” vows. Instead I chose vows that represent a certain tone or type of vows to help you to get a better feeling of how to write your wedding vows.

Also personal wedding vows are – as the name says – something personal. As a matter of course I respect the intimacy of my couples. That means I only share the vows in an anonymous way without the name or picture of the bride, groom or couple close to it. The couples that you see on the pictures are not the ones that wrote the personal wedding vows that you can read next to it!

So let’s get you one step further on your quest about how to write wedding vows:

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1. All that I promise

These vows are close to traditional vows as they are listing all the things that the couple promises each other. But other than traditional vows these promises are really personal and reflect the uniqueness of the couple:

On this day, I give you my heart.
I promise to encourage your kindness and optimism, because they are what make you unique.
I will nurture your dreams and support your goals, because now, they are mine as well.
I will help shoulder our challenges, because there is nothing we cannot face if we stand together.
I will build a home with you and fill it with laughter, because laughing is what we do best.
I will share with you the joys in life, because they are most meaningful with you by my side.
Lastly, I promise to love, respect and cherish you.
I promise to be a true and loyal friend.
I promise to treat you as my equal through all our years and all that life may bring us.
I love you.


2. Our love is our destiny

The following vows just contain one promise at the very end. Instead they explain why this love is meant to be and why it will last forever – because this love is destiny:

In our lifetime, we have crossed paths so many times, that I’m starting to be a believer.
I’m fated to be with you.
The first time was during our teens, it was short but memorable.
The second meeting was during our twenties, we got to know each other better and I was given a chance to love you but sadly it was not our time.
We lost touch for a while but you always seem to be find me.
When I finally though that we have moved on with our life, we met again in our thirties.
This time we never let go of each other.
Thanks to the kiss that reminded you of our love.
Thank you for believing in me and having the courage to finally be with me.
You are the sunshine of my life and you bring me so much happiness.
I vow to love, honor, and be there for you until my last breath.

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3. What you are to me

Your personal wedding vows are also a declaration of your love. So why not telling the other one what you like, love, admire and what inspires you!

I love you so much.
Not only because you are kind, caring and thoughtful, but you are also ambitious and driven but don’t let life stresses bring you down.
When I look at you I see purity, kindness, patience, and strength.
I see the man who walks old ladies across the street in traffic without hesitation, who always prays for small animals on the road.
I see someone who works tirelessly for his goals.
I see a funny, brilliant mind, and a even more brilliant soul.
I see us old and grey together, and still laughing and giddy like children.
I am excited for our future together as Husband and Wife.
You’ve taught me that I can love more than I could have imagined.
You inspire me to be the best version of me every day.
We have had many adventures over the past couple years and they have been some of the best in my life.
I cannot wait to see what the future holds because I know it will be amazing as long as you are by my side.
Thank you for making my dreams come true.
I love you forever.

4. Funny & romantic go well together

In these personal wedding vows the couple refers to funny incidents of their love story, to their hilarious nicknames and also include jokes about their tiny differences they have. These vows are reall funny and at the same time so romantic because these vows perfectly reflect the couple!

I love you with all my heart.
Almost 13 years ago, I accidentally hit you in passing, you know the story, I was dancing.
I won’t apologize for my uncoordinated arms and legs, they’ve wonderfully lead me to you.
Now here we are.
Finally, I’m marrying my Hero and my best friend.
You’re my Engineer-Nerd, the dark wizard that melted this ice princesses’ heart.
I am excited for our future together as Husband and Wife.
I promise to love you fiercely and infinitely.
I promise to nurture your dreams and help you reach them.
I promise to turn off the lights in the house when not in use.
I promise that my love for you will never wane, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, no matter where we are or what circumstance.
You are my Hot Ryu, my Superman, my Kahl, and Incredible Hulk.
No hug is long enough in your arms, nothing smells better than you, no one makes me feel so deeply and incredibly.
As your partner in crime, wife, and soulmate, I promise to be your strength when you need, to make you laugh when you feel down, to make your life as happy and as brilliant as you’ve made mine.
Simply, I want to say, in the city of Paris and the beautiful Eiffel as witnesses: You are my Husband, and I, your wife.

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4. Past & Future

In your personal vows you can also look back to your shared past and/or talk about your shared future:

The last 6 years have just flown by, filled with so many wonderful memories with you.
Before we met, I didn’t know I could love one person this much and be this happy, but somehow you managed to make it happen.
You are so beautiful.
I love that irresistible smile of yours
that is so genuine and pure.
I love your kind heart, and I love your weirdness that makes me laugh.
We’ve certainly been through a lot.
I’m proud of our past and I’m thrilled for our future together.
We started out with nothing but love.
I promise you that this love will continue to be the foundation of our forever committed relationship.
I promise to respect you and protect you with my life and to be by your side no matter what.
As I often say, you always make me want to be better, so I promise to become a better man for you.
I love you so much.
Many people say marriage is hard but I’m certain we will crush it.
Let’s show them how it’s done.

5. Eternally yours

These vows are so romantic that the promise reaches out into their next life. So don’t be scared to be flowery – if there is one good moment in your life to be a hopeless romantic it is on your wedding day!

You are my best friend.
The moment I met you was the pinnacle of my existence.
Loving you since then has been my passion and purpose.
Thank you for holding my hand and loving me through every moment, even when it is hard.
You deserve the love that books, plays, and movies talk about.
I promise to love you better than that.
I promise my love to you today, tomorrow, this life, and the next life.
If God makes me a bee in the next life, then I will find you my flower.
I am yours eternally.

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8. Say thank you

With your personal wedding vows you also have the chance to say: “Thank you!” You can express how grateful you are for having each other and for the qualities that you love in one another:

I take you to be my husband.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world today, to be marrying my best friend.
I thank God, every day for sending me my soul mate.
From early on, I somehow knew you were the one, that you were going to be my lobster.
I love how we are always humming the same songs and finishing each other’s sentences.
You are the only person in the entire world who knows me the best and loves me so much for everything that I am.
Thank you for never making me worry or doubt your love for me.
Thank you for making me feel like a well-fed princess every day.
Here we are, 6-years and still going strong.
I can’t wait to continue our adventures and build our life together.
I promise to be at your side no matter what life throws at us.
You are my better half and I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward as long as we both shall live.


6. How you changed me

You showed me a new perspective on life and you changed me to the better. Isn’t that a beautiful declaration of love?

When I met you, I was a vagabond going from place to place with no roots, no home, and no desire to stay in one place.
Then you came into my life, and suddenly everything changed.
I finally knew what it was to be homesick, what it was to miss someone, what it was to love someone so much that it hurts.
I knew I could only be happy if I could come home to you every night.
I know that I am hard to read at times, but I vow to live my life with you as an open book and to always show the love and affection I have for you in my heart.
You will always be the only one for me.
The apple of my eye.
My little scoop.
I promise to hold you and our marriage sacred, to honor you, to miss you when I’m away, and to not be away too often.
I’m happy beyond words to be your husband and I can’t wait for the rest of our life to unfold together.

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9. Say it with a poem

Do you know a poem, lyrics of a song or excerpt of a book that perfectly describes your love and how you feel? It is totally fine to borrow the words of someone else and make them part of your personal wedding vows:

I feel so incredibly blessed to be standing here with you today.
Life is full of so many surprises and you are my best surprise yet.
I have no doubt that you will be an amazing husband to me and the best father to our future children.
I cannot promise that every day will be perfect, but I promise I will never give up on us.
The love we share can be best captured by this excerpt from this great children’s book “Love Is You and Me” by Monica Sheehan:

“Love is me and love is you.
So when you smile, I smile, too.
When you’re around, the skies are blue.
It’s like being happy times two.

Love is sweet, and love is grand!
Sometimes love is just holding hands.
It’s a feeling inside. It’s a smile in your heart.
It keeps us together when we’re apart.

Love is fun! It’s feeling free.
Love lets you be who you want to be.
Love will catch you when you fall.
Love! It’s the greatest gift of all.

It’s just us two without a care.
It’s what we give and the times we share.
It wipes away the tears and sends out troubles along.
Love is the place where you always belong.

And we’ve got love, me and you.
We’re sticking together. We’ll see it through.
And wherever we go, love will always be,
because love is you and me.”

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10. Be a poet yourself!

If you are kissed by the muse yourself why not writing your personal wedding vows as a poem? Here a lovely example how :

Blessed by fate with a man who is kind
you are principled, inspired with a brilliant mind.

This generous gift I do not forsake
For my heart knows this rarity
So this love
I shall take

Facing the world
With you having my back
We’re an unstoppable team
Who could doubt that fact

I vow to be deaf
To voices diminishing our love
As for upholding your dreams
I’ll place nothing above

With my heart open wide
I stand in awe of your spirit
I am honored to be your mate
May every soul hear it!


How to write wedding vows

Romantic and emotional, funny and heartwarming: I hope you enjoyed this selection of personal wedding vows. May they inspire you to find your own words to express your love and promises on your wedding day! If you have any questions, are planning your elopement, wedding or vow renewal or are interested in a unique and personal ceremony don’t hesitate to contact me! As your Paris Officiant I would love to help you creating a ceremony and vows that are completely you!

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