Online Paris Wedding Ceremony via video call Zoom

What is an online Paris wedding ceremony via video call Zoom?

An online Paris wedding ceremony is a virtual wedding ceremony via video call. Zoom is a video call platform. It allows you to see and talk with people online wherever they are in the world. This video call provider became popular during the COVID pandemic. Because people were not allowed anymore to meet in person for private events, work meetings, family reunions etc. due to lockdown or health risks. Zoom (or other video call providers such as Facetime, Skype, Hangouts, Facebook video call etc.) made it possible that these meetings did not have to be completely cancelled but instead were held online.

What does that mean for your wedding?

Also many weddings were affected during the COVID pandemic. They had to be postponed or cancelled – or changed into an online event and virtual wedding ceremony via video call. A virtual wedding via Zoom means that couple, officiant and guests don’t have to be in the same place in order to celebrate together. A virtual online wedding ceremony in Paris could look like this:

1. As your officiant in Paris I officiate your ceremony for instance at the Eiffel Tower whereas the two of you, bride and groom, and your guests are safe at home. This means you can get married in Paris wherever you are in the world.

2.Or the two of you are in Paris and I officiate your wedding ceremony here in the city of love. Unfortunately your guests cannot travel due to health risks or travel restrictions. No worries, they still can be present and witness your virtual Paris wedding ceremony live and online via Zoom video call.

Why hosting an online Paris wedding ceremony via video call?

There are several reasons why planning an online Paris wedding ceremony in Paris via video call Zoom can make sense:

Your wedding is affected by the COVID pandemic

Maybe travel restrictions or health risks make it impossible for you to come to Paris at the moment. However you don’t want to wait any longer and postpone your wedding plans until you can travel again. You want to get married NOW and you want to get married in PARIS. In this case a virtual wedding ceremony in Paris online via video call Zoom can be a great option. After all it has always been your dream to marry in Paris – even if you can’t be in the city of love right now.

Paris is so far away – Time, distance, budget

You love Paris! And you dream about getting married or renewing your vows in Paris. However you live on the other side of the world and Paris is really far away for you. Let alone the time and money you would need to spend. So you would really love to travel to Paris but your work schedule, family obligations, your budget, flight anxiety or else make it impossible for you to go on a long and far away trip to the city of love in order to getmarried in Paris.

In these cases an online Paris wedding ceremony via virtual video call Zoom could be a solution for you. As your English speaking Paris celebrant I will bring Paris to you! So whereas you can stay safe at home, I would officiate your wedding or vow renewal ceremony at the place of your choice in Paris: The sparkling Eiffel Tower, Louvre Pyramid, Arch de Triomphe, Seine riverside, Tuileries or Luxembourg Garden – you name it. I will travel to your dream wedding location in Paris to celebrate your online Paris wedding ceremony via virtual video call Zoom. As your Paris officiant I would also incorporate a French touch into your ceremony. So you will get authentic Parisian wedding vibes. So get married in Paris – wherever you are in the world.

How does it work? Let’s plan your online Paris wedding ceremony:

Your virtual bespoke ceremony

As your celebrant in Paris I would create a personal, unique and romantic ceremony for you. I will incorporate your love story, a French and Parisian touch and everything that is meaningful to you. Therefore I will send you a questionnaire to get to know the two of you and to create a wedding or vow renewal ceremony for you that pays tribute to your unique love story, relationship and personalities.

Your Paris ceremony location

Now you can choose your dream wedding location in Paris. The most beautiful and famous outdoor ceremony spots are waiting for you. I will suggest and help you choosing a wonderful backdrop for your online Paris wedding via Zoom. On your wedding day I will travel to your chosen ceremony location in Paris and officiate your ceremony there. You will see this beautiful spot in Paris throughout your ceremony. And as your Paris celebrant I will of course show you the area a bit after your virtual ceremony.

Your virtual ceremony timeline

Most of the time we live in different time zones. So we will pick a time that makes sense for both of us. As I will be officiating your ceremony outdoors I would ideally need daylight so that you can see me and Paris well. Or we can also schedule your ceremony when the Eiffel Tower is sparkling. But not all locations are possible for your online Paris wedding ceremony by night. Your own ideal ceremony time depends on your time zone and wedding location (e.g. at home, in a public park, in a wedding venue, with your family).

“Get married
in Paris –
wherever your are
in the world.”

Example 1 – Eiffel Tower sunset ceremony: If you both are living in California, USA then we have a 9 h time difference – Paris is ahead of time. So we could schedule your virtual wedding ceremony in Paris during your late morning, which is my late afternoon/ early evening in Paris (depending on the season). So in this case a sunset online wedding ceremony in Paris via virtual video call could be a great choice.

Example 2 – Daytime ceremony in Paris: If you both are based in Sydney, Australia then we have a 10 h time difference – Australia is ahead of Europe. So we could schedule your online Zoom wedding ceremony in the afternoon/evening for you, which would be my morning time in Paris.

Your virtual Paris wedding day

Prior to your virtual Zoom ceremony in Paris I will send you an invitation link for our online ceremony via video call on the date and time we agreed on. Now you just need to install the software. And make sure that you have a good and steady internet connection. If you wish you can use ear phones to enable a better understanding. Or else you just use the speaker and microphone included in your device. Just try to make sure that you somewhere where there is not too much background noise.

Now set up your phone, tablet, notbook or computer with a tripod or on a table. Because you don’t want to have to hold your device in your hands during the entire ceremony. Make sure your hands a free so that you can rather use them to hold hands with each other. If you are using a phone or tablet flip your device into a horizontal position.

Also place your device neither too far away from the two of you (otherwise we won’t hear or see each other well). Nor too close (otherwise I will only see parts of your or just one of you). And now we are ready and set to get the two of you married in Paris – wherever you are in the world.

Examples of real Zoom wedding ceremonies with the Paris Officiant

Rest assured: You are not the first one who is crazy romantic enough to get married in Paris wherever you are in the world! Check out these two online Paris wedding ceremonies that I officiated via virtual video call Zoom:

Lucy & Frederico’s online Paris wedding ceremony at the sparkling Eiffel Tower

Lucy & Frederico planned to get married in Paris. They decided to travel to Paris just the two of them and have their families and friends join via Zoom to avoid health risks during the COVID pandemic especially for their elder loved ones. However unfortunately on their wedding date the travel restrictions to travel to France were not lifted yet. They did not want to reschedule their wedding date, so we decided to make it a completely virtual wedding with an online Paris wedding ceremony via Zoom.

We had to coordinate different time zones, as Frederico & Lucy and some of their loved ones lived in Brazil, other guests joined in from different places in the USA. We agreed on an evening ceremony in Paris with the sparkling Eiffel Tower in the background, which was early afternoon in Brazil and late morning in the USA.

It was a magical experience that so many people from different places in the world were connected and able to share and celebrate this special moment – even through the distance. As their English speaking celebrant I was happy that we were making this special celebration possible. So get married in Paris – wherever you are in the world.

Livier & Jeff’s virtual Paris wedding ceremony in a romantic park

Another gorgeous couple was unable to travel to Paris this summer. Livier & Jeff did not want to wait any longer to be husband and wife, married in Paris. You have to read their story and see more photos of their super romantic virtual wedding ceremony in Paris via online video call Zoom: Zoom wedding ceremony in a romantic park in Paris.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Zoom wedding ceremony in Paris performed by celebrant in Paris or officiant in France is not legally binding. If you are a couple from the US I would be happy to get ordained in your State to make it an official ceremony for you. You just would need to confirm your respective State law regarding officiant weddings and provide your marriage license.

Photos: Paris Wedding Photographer Pierre Torset

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