Outdoor elopement in Paris – 5 tips to face the weather

outdoor elopement paris

As your marriage celebrant in Paris I officiate your outdoor elopement in Paris all year round – independent of the season and weather. That means I have a lot of experience about how to keep warm in winter, cool in summer, dry during rainy weather or adjust elopement planning to the weather.

Outdoor Paris elopement

Weather & temperatures
Being prepared is key

1. Dress for the season

Stay warm
Keep cool

2. Bad weather backup plan

Covered location

3. Keep it intimate

Flexibility formula
Pressure to please

4. Expect the unexpected

Dancing in the rain
Embrace a little adventure

Most popular months for outdoor elopements in Paris

Most couples decide for an outdoor elopement in Paris during spring, summer and early fall. As Paris officiant I officiate most outdoor elopements between mid March to mid October. Avoiding the winter months is a good idea if you want to avoid to feel cold and freeze a lot on your Paris elopement day.

While it’s certainly true that temperatures are warmer in summer in Paris: The warmest months being July and August, followed by May, June and September. However the warmer season is no guarantee for good weather. Rain, storms or sudden temperature drops can happen anytime of the year in Paris.

Also we usually plan Paris elopements early in the morning to avoid crowds, and temperatures in the early morning are often much colder than during daytime – at least in spring and fall.

To get a rough idea about weather and temperature average for your outdoor elopement in Paris please check the following stats: weather and temperature averages in Paris.

winter elopement in Paris with couple snuggling in Palais Royal gardens on bench

Being prepared for your outdoor elopement is key

However you can’t take these weather and temperature averages for granted – these are only averages of the past weather, which won’t predict the future. And one thing is for sure: weather and temperatures in Paris are very hard to predict and can change very quickly.

Sometimes we have autumn days that feel like summer and spring days that feel like winter. And sometimes we seem to have all kinds of weather in one day: Sunny morning, rainy noon, stormy afternoon and back to sun in the evening.

But no worries! With my following 4 tips to face the weather I got you covered for your outdoor elopement in Paris. No matter which season you are eloping in Paris and what weather we will get on your elopement day – we’ll make it work for you to have a fun and romantic experience!

1. Be prepared: Dress for the season

First and foremost: Choose wedding outfits according to the season of your wedding date. Check the link above to find weather and temperature averages to give you an idea what to expect. And then dress accordingly!

There are beautiful bridal gowns for every season. Also accessories can make a difference. You really want to make sure to feel as comfortable as possible in order to enjoy your Paris elopement day to the fullest. If you freeze too much or feel too hot, you may love your outfit, but still don’t feel (or look!) very relaxed or happy.

So your priority should be on both: looking gorgeous and being as comfortable as possible!

Stay warm: Don’t get cold feet when eloping to Paris!

For brides usually the biggest challenge are low temperatures! So if you elope in winter, fall or early spring make sure to choose a bridal gown that keeps you warm, for instance wedding dresses with long sleeves (or sleeves at all!), long dresses, layered dresses, thicker material.

Also wear invisible extra layers that keep you warm, such as a pantyhose or leggings under your long dress. If you wear a floor long dress, you shoes are mostly invisible.

Moreover add warm accessories that help you staying toasty – and just look extra cute. My winter brides often wear for example fake fur stoles, bridal jackets, boleros, bridal capes, chic gloves or other accessories made of fake fur or feathers. Also contrasting and custom made leather or jeans jackets can be a fun and warm accessory for you bridal outfit.

Also choose your footwear well, and go for warm shoes. Sandals are cute but your toes will quickly feel completely frozen. Rather choose high heels or flats that protect your feet to a minimum. Or why not bridal boots? Especially when you wear a long bridal gown because then we won’t see your shoes most of the time anyways.

PRO TIP: You can play with these accessories and don’t have to wear them all the time and for the entirety of your elopement photo session. However out of experience they are especially useful for your outdoor ceremony. Because during the ceremony you won’t move much for a while and may easier freeze than when you are moving around for photos. So put all you got on during the ceremony so that you can fully focus on your vows – and not on freezing!

Bring extra layers such as coat, scarf or even a blanket. These are just to keep warm on the way from your hotel to the ceremony location and also to warm up in between locations. You will take them off for the marriage ceremony and elopement photo shoot.

A word to the grooms: You usually aren’t challenged so much in winter. Because the traditional groom’s attire – tux or suit – usually consists of several layers and keeps you sufficiently warm. However on really cold days an extra coat or scarf can’t harm – even if you just use it to gentlemanly keep your bride warm.

Keep cool: Surfing the heat waves when eloping in Paris

When eloping to Paris in summer, then you should try to keep cool by choosing the appropriate wedding outfit. Choose a summer bridal gown, meaning wedding dresses made of thinner fabrics or without additional layers, sleeveless dresses, or even a short dress can work very well.

Also very important to stay comfortable and safe during heat waves: Apply sun protection wherever your skin is exposed to the sun, to avoid sun burns. Drink water / bring along a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Add some cute accessories that help you keep cool and protected from direct sun, for instance a fan, parasol, sunglasses, etc.

PRO TIP: Most outdoor elopements in Paris take place at sunrise. Temperatures can still be cool in the early morning hours even on summer days. So bringing a light scarf or jacket is never a bad idea to keep warm until the sun is up.

A word to the grooms: Summer can be more challenging for you, because of the many layers you wear, if dressed in a traditional tux or suit. In this case make sure that you wear a nice shirt under your blazer, maybe a special tie or why not suspenders. This way you can you take off your jacket at times and your look will still be complete and polished. Also consider light colors, for instance a suit in tan, beige, light blue, light grey hues. You won’t feel as hot as in a black suit when standing in the sun.

2. Be flexible: have a backup plan

outdoor elopement Luxembourg Gardens

Whatever the season there is always a chance of bad weather on your wedding day. As your Paris officiant I always keep an eye on the weather forecast. So if we realize that the weather may be bad on your wedding day we can create a bad weather backup plan just in case. And there are several things we can do:

1. If there is a risk of rain/ rain showers/ light rain: As you marriage celebrant I know several covered and protected outdoor ceremony locations in Paris. So even if it starts raining we could switch to one of these alternative locations to have the ceremony and Paris elopement photos at that covered location. Of course it might not be your favorite locations anymore, that you chose for your Paris elopement. But you will still dry and protected also won’t get wet.

PRO TIP: Book private transportation for your Paris elopement, such as a van with chauffeur or a French vintage car. This allows you to be very flexible and to switch location at any moment if needed! No need to walk or wait for an Uber or taxi cab in the rain, in order to reach a covered and protected location when it starts raining.

2. If there is a high risk of heavy rain /continuous rain/ rain storms/ thunder storms: It happens very rarely, but sometimes the safer option would be to try to reschedule your outdoor elopement in Paris. Sometimes it is enough to simply push your ceremony and elopement photo shooting a few hours back and do it later in the day, for instance to avoid a thunderstorm in the morning. Sometimes we might have to to try to reschedule to the day before or the day after – depending on the weather forecast and availability. This may be a bit harder as we need to find a new date or time when the two of you and all your vendors are available.

rainy Paris elopement ceremony covered location with Eiffel Tower view

PRO TIP: Especially if you elope in Paris during the colder season I also always recommend to ask your hotel whether they have a room that we could use for your ceremony just in case. It can feel very reassuring to know that there is not only a covered but also indoor location that you could use for your ceremony just in case.

3. Keep your outdoor elopement in Paris small

outdoor elopement Paris Trocadero

Eloping originally means: Running away from home to secretly get married just the two of you.

Clearly the meaning has changed a bit nowadays: The elopement rarely is a secret. Also my couples eloping to Paris do not always celebrate entirely alone. Sometimes they bring their parent(s) or sibling(s) or best friend.

However when eloping in Paris it is really key to keep your elopement as intimate as possible – ideally just the two of you. Because most elopement weddings I officiate as Paris celebrant are outdoor elopements in Paris taking place at a public locations. And that comes with different challenges than a traditional wedding in a private venue. One of these challenges is the weather.

Advantages of intimate outdoor elopements in Paris

1. Changing the ceremony location: We can only switch to a covered location if your group is fairly small. There are several protected and covered outdoor public location we can use, if it’s just the two of you. But not so many that are spacey enough to accommodate a larger group – especially if you want a view on the Eiffel Tower. So if it’s just the two of you we won’t have any issues at all. The more guests you bring the more complicated it gets and the less choice you’ll have for a backup location.

Also changing the ceremony location to a covered spot is pretty simple and easy if it is only the two of you. However if we have to coordinate, navigate and transport a whole crowd, this becomes much more complicated.

2. Changing the date/ time: Sometimes (even if very rare!) we need to change your date or time of the ceremony due to too challenging weather conditions. If it’s just the two of you and your vendors we usually find a way. However if you have many guests joining you, then this can become pretty complicated.

3. The pressure to please: Also don’t underestimate the fact, that while the two of you may flexibly and find it romantic to have this little touch of adventure and of the unknown when eloping to Paris. But this might feel very different for your loved ones: your parents (who have never traveled much), your grandpa (who may not be able to stand for extended periods or walk easily anymore) or you sister (who hates outdoorsy things). While they are surely happy to go along with it because they love you, you also love them and won’t probably like the feeling much knowing that they are challenged.

autumn outdoor elopement Tuileries

Behind the Scenes: I once officiated the ceremony of a couple eloping with about 20 guests. As we got closer to their date we realized that on their elopement date the weather forecast predicted a high risk of rain. However they were not able to change the date anymore because some guests would have already left Paris on possible backup dates. Also their group was just too large – there was no way to find a public covered location nearby that would have protected them all.

So in the end the only thing we could do was: hope and pray! It worked in their case – the weather cooperated in the end. But the couple was extremely stressed and worried the days prior – and throughout their elopement day. So you rather not challenge your luck too much and spare yourself this nerve racking situation! Eloping is already exciting enough without the extra thrill!

4. Expect the unexpected

rainy wedding louvre

Even with the best possible preparation we won’t have control on everything. And it may happen that something won’t go according to plan.

1. The weather forecast isn’t always right: The weather forecast may look fine, but then we still experience an unexpected rain shower. In this case it’s just best to go with the flow. There is nothing we can do about it – so just let it rain! Take out your umbrellas (or not!) and dance in the rain! Just let go, embrace the imperfectly perfect moment – you might even enjoy it! Plus: It’s going to create a fun story to tell and super romantic pictures!

But not only the weather can just happen to us. Paris is a busy and vivid city and there are always things going on that are impossible to know about before.

2. Paris is a beautiful and vivid city: Even if we choose a quiet spot in the early morning it still can happen that a group of passersby is showing up unexpectedly and watching. It’s a free city and everybody can be where they want when they want – so there is not much we can do about it.

Also sometimes gardening works, renovations, events (or the remains of it), manifestations etc. are blocking the location or a construction crane is in the background. As your wedding celebrant in Paris I always try to find about these in advance, but it is simply not always possible to know about it.

Don’t worry, this happens very rarely. But it can happen! In this case we have to improvise and spontaneously create a plan B. So far we always managed to still have a beautiful location and moment for your ceremony. It even happened to me that we actually chose a location in the end that we all liked a lot more than the original location.

outdoor elopement Bir-Hakeim

Behind the scenes: It has already happened to me that the ceremony location, that my couple had chosen for their elopement (in their case it was the Medici Fountain) was blocked due to a film shoot happening right there. Movie shoots are happening in Paris pretty often, but there is not always a reliable way to find out when and where they are planned. Sometimes we are taken by surprise.

So there was nothing we could do, but to switch to a different Paris elopement location. This wasn’t a big challenge, as there are many beautiful spots in Luxembourg Gardens that work great for elopement ceremonies and wedding photos. So instead my couple exchanged their vows in the gardens with the Luxembourg palace in the background – and in the end they even liked it more than the original spot they had wanted.

So first don’t worry, I got you! As your Paris officiant I know so many gorgeous places, we’ll find a way and place that you’ll like in the end. So in these cases it’s just best to roll with the punches. But honestly, that’s also part of the fun of having an outdoor elopement in Paris. Because the best and most romantic adventures are the ones that embrace the unexpected and leave room for surprises.

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