7 most stunning Paris elopement locations

As your officiant in Paris I know so many lovely places to elope in Paris. Here I show you the 7 most stunning Paris elopement locations. These are mainly iconic landmarks or breathtaking and elegant architecture. These spots are all mind blowing backdrops for your wedding elopement in Paris. You are rather looking for something with a more quiet, intimate and romantic vibe like gardens and parks? Then feel free to check my blogpost about intimate ceremony locations.

Famous Paris elopement locations

1. Eiffel Tower

Paris elopement locations Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower wedding
Paris officiant elopement ceremony
Trocadero garden Paris elopement
Trocadero bride groom
Eiffel Tower wedding photos

It is no big secret that the Eiffel Tower is a stunning location for any elopement wedding in Paris. No landmark is so iconic than the Eiffel Tower. It represents Paris and is a symbol of love and romance. Sure, the Eiffel Tower is clearly no insider tip.

However it still needs to be on top of this list because it is a beautiful, timeless and romantic Paris elopement location. Actually most of my couples choose the Eiffel Tower as backdrop for their Paris elopement or vow renewal ceremony.

There are several locations around with different views on the Eiffel Tower. You can find them in the Eiffel Tower section of my gallery with places to elope in Paris. Here you see one of my favorite spots: Trocadero Gardens. Gina & Jon chose this spot for their elopement ceremony and it looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Tips for your Eiffel Tower elopement

Advantage: This location is very close to Trocadero which is a great spot for couple photos with the most stunning view on the Eiffel Tower. It is too busy for ceremonies though, sorry! But you can use it before or after your ceremony for great Paris wedding photos.

Disadvantage: The Eiffel Tower is the most iconic Paris elopement location – and therefore also the busiest one. It is really hard to find a quiet and intimate moment there for your ceremony. The only chance is by getting up extremly early for a sunrise ceremony.

Best time of day: Sunrise

Best season: Spring, summer, fall.
For winter weddings I would choose a different spot at the Eiffel Tower as the trees are bare and no flowers in the gardens.

2. Louvre

Paris elopement locations Louvre
Louvre elopement cremony
Louvre wedding
Black wedding in Paris
Louvre wedding photos
Louvre pyramid photo shoot

The Louvre Palace and pyramid is likely the second most famous landmark in Paris after the Eiffel Tower. The Louvre is maybe so fascinating because it blends classic and modern architecture. And of course you cannot miss the museum!

Unfortunately for ceremonies we need to keep our distance: Paris elopement weddings are not allowed near the pyramid. However I really love the spot where I officiated Melanie & John’s ceremony. This triumphal arch (Arch de Triomphe du Caroussell) is only 1 minute walk from the Louvre.

This arch is actually a really stunning ceremony backdrop in itself. Moreover you can also see the Louvre palace and pyramid in the further background. And you can quickly got to the Louvre palace and pyramid to take your Paris wedding photos after your elopement ceremonies. A few quick pictures are not prohibited!

Tips for your Louvre wedding

Advantage: You can easily combine this area for ceremony and wedding photos! There are so many great locations within walking distance: The triumphal arch, the Louvre palace and pyramid, the Tuileries Gardens, the Palais Royal (Royal Palace) with palace garden and cute Parisian Cafés.

Disadvantage: Same as at the Eiffel Tower you really need to be an early bird if you want your ceremony at the Louvre. People are visiting from the early morning and are starting to wait in line in front of the Louvre museum well before it opens. I officiated Melanie & John’s ceremony at sunrise. And I mean isn’t already just the beautiful light worth everything?

Best time: Sunrise

Best season: Every season.
PRO TIP: This is a great Paris elopement location for winter ceremonies. Because gardens and parks don’t look their best at that time of the year. Whereas timeless architecture is stunning all year around!

Elegant Paris elopement locations

3. Golden Gate

Paris elopement locations Golden Gate
Paris officiant Golden Gate
Golden Gate elopement ceremony
Golden Gate wedding

If you visit Paris for the first time you may not find the Golden Gate. But I personally think that you can hardly find a more elegant and glamorous Paris elopement location. The golden color of the gate, the statues and ornaments around it, the stairs take my breath away.

However timing for this location is crucial. Because the Golden Gate is actually an entrance gate of a museum. So we have to be there well before the museum opens or on the museum’s day off. Otherwise there will be many people waiting on the stairs to get into the museum.

Tips for your Golden Gate elopement

Advantage: Not only is the Golden Gate a stunning backdrop for your ceremony. But also Alexander III bridge is not far. A beautiful bridge with golden statues and a view on the Eiffel Tower. So you can easily combine these two locations for elopement ceremony and Paris wedding photo shoot.

Disadvantage: We have to meet really early for your ceremony. As I mentioned above the Golden Gate is the entrance of a museum and we have to be there before people start queuing.

Best time of day: Sunrise, early morning.

Best season: Any time of the year.
PRO TIP: This is also a great Paris elopement location for winter ceremonies. Especially the golden glow is great in winter when there are no other colors or not much light!

4. Alexander III bridge

Paris elopement locations Alexander III bridge
Alexander III bridge elopement
Alexander III bridge vow renewal

Alexander III bridge is one of the most stunning bridges in Paris. Golden statues, romantic lampposts and a great view on the Eiffel Tower. I also love the bridge as a Paris elopement location. It is possible to have your ceremony on the bridge with the Eiffel Tower view at the background. However you may feel a bit exposed in the middle of this busy bridge. Also there is a lot of traffic on the bridge and the noise just not so romantic.

That’s why Karen & Steve decided to have their casual elopement ceremony on the foot of the bridge with Alexander III bridge itself as backdrop. This spot is much more quiet and a lot less busy. Also we are directly at the Seine riverside which just adds an extra romantic touch. And it just looks stunning, don’t you think?

Tips for your Alexander III elopement

Advantage: You are in the middle of a busy area with plenty of landmarks and sight that you can use for your wedding photos. Alexander III bridge with an Eiffel Tower view, the Golden Gate (see above) and the golden Dome des Invalides. Also the Eiffel Tower and Louvre are just a quick cab ride away. At the same time you are rather quiet and intimate for your ceremony at riverside on the foot of Alexander III bridge.

Disadvantage: As much as the spot is a little secluded the whole area is still pretty busy and you better get up as early as possible for your elopement.

Best time of day: Morning. As early as possible.

Best season: Any time of the year.
PRO TIP: This is also a great Paris elopement location for winter ceremonies. The Seine riverside in winter has something really enchanted. Plus the golden accents of the bridge in the background are just gorgeous.

Romantic Paris elopement locations

5. Tuileries

Paris elopement locations Tuileries
Tuilerie gardens wedding
Paris officiant Tuileries elopement
Louvre palace bridal portrait
Louvre Paris elopement

The Tuilerie Gardens are another great Pars elopement location. For me this spot is the perfect blend between romantic park and classical Parisian architecture. Did you recognize the building that you can see at the end of the alley in the background? It is actually a part of the Louvre palace.

Also this location is quite intimate and quiet even if it is only a 5 min walk from the Louvre Palace and pyramid. So this spot if perfect for you if you want both: An intimate location for your ceremony and also a famous landmark!

Tips for your Tuileries elopement

Advantage: The area around the Tuileries is packed with stunning Parisian landmarks and locations. It’s the perfect playground for your intimate ceremony and wedding photo shoot. From the ceremony spot at the Tuileries you only need to walk 2 min to one side to reach the Seine riverside and 5 min to the other side to reach the Louvre palace and pyramid. Also Palais Royal and the Royal Gardens are not far.

Disadvantage: I can’t think of any!

Best time: anytime in the morning is great.
It can work in the afternoon but won’t be as intimate and quiet anymore.

Best season: Spring, summer, fall.
PRO TIP: It can work in winter as well as the Louvre palace in the background will be here any time of the year. However the alley may look a bit more naked as the hedgerow won’t have any leaves.

6. Luxembourg Gardens

Paris elopement locations Medici Fountains
Paris elopement ceremony
Medici Fountain elopement
Luxembourg Gardens elopement
Luxembourg Palace wedding photos
Luxembourg Gardens bridal portrait

One of the most beautiful parks in Paris definitely is Luxembourg Gardens. Most of the time as celebrant in Paris I officiate my ceremonies at the Medici Fountain. Also Brittany & Chris chose this place (see photos above). Because it is a gorgeous backdrop and a bit little secluded. But my couples and I have also already used the Luxembourg Palace as backdrop for elopements.

That means also at the Luxembourg Gardens you can have a bit of both worlds: Romantic garden and beautiful architecture. And you can combine it any way you want: Either your Paris elopement ceremony at the Medici Fountain and your wedding photos at the palace and garden or the other way around.

Tips for your Medici Fountain elopement

Advantage: You can get the princess feel and secret garden vibe in Paris. Without having to travel to one of the French wedding chateaus outside of Paris.

Disadvantage: Luxembourg Gardens is one of the most famous park in Paris. Plus the French senate is housed inside the palace. That means Luxembourg Gardens can get busy. So should aim for morning time, the earlier the better.

PRO TIP: You have to wear bridal gown for your Paris elopement in Luxembourg Gardens. Because they allow weddings but not “fashion shoots”. And if you don’t wear a wedding dress they may mistake it for something else.

Best time of day: Morning. The earlier the better.

Best season: Spring, summer, fall. I think fall is especially beautiful!
PRO TIP: It can work in winter as well as fountain in the background will be here any time of the year. However there won’t be any flowers or much greenery and trees won’t have any leaves.

7. Paris Chateau

Paris elopement locations chateau
Paris chateau elopement ceremony
paris officiant chateau wedding
Paris Cafe wedding photos
Romantic Parisian Cafe

Now this Paris elopement location is a real hidden gem and off the beaten tracks. The Paris Chateau is an ancient city palace dating back to medieval times. Today it is housing an art library so we cannot use the inside for elopements. But there is a beautiful public garden right in front of the Paris Chateau that is a wonderful and intimate ceremony location.

And here comes the best. This location is off the beaten tracks and therefore rather quiet almost anytime of the day. So it is the perfect spot for an intimate ceremony with a royal vibe.

Tips for your Paris chateau wedding

Advantage: There is not other Paris elopement location with such a stunning architectural backdrop plus garden that is as quiet and intimate as the Paris Chateau. It is also in the heart of a very Parisian area with cute traditional Cafés, typical Parisian buildings and the Seine riverside. Also Notre Dame Cathedral is not far, but at the moment under renovation.

Disadvantage: I couldn’t think of any!

Best time of day: Morning or afternoon.
PRO TIP: Avoid noon because it is a lunch break picnic spot and also the light is really harsh around noon.

Best season: Spring, summer, fall.
PRO TIP: It can work in winter as well as the Paris Chateau is beautiful all year around. However there won’t be any flowers or much greenery in the gardens.

Photographers of these Paris elopement locations:

Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Alexander III bridge, Paris Chateau: Pierre Torset Paris Elopement Photographer
Tuileries: Frenchgrey Photography
Golden Gate: Chris Perona
Luxembourg Gardens: Lifestories Weddings
Videographer in Paris

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