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Celebrating unique moments in life

You are about to celebrate an important event in your life: your wedding, elopement or renewal of vows! This extraordinary moment marks the transitions from one stage of your life to another. With your Paris wedding or Paris elopement ceremony you solemnize your conscious decision to make a significant change in your life. Your Paris vow renewal ceremony provides you with a moment to thankfully look back and restore your energies for what is yet to come.

The ceremony ritual binds your past and future together in this present moment. Your Paris ceremony enables you to pronounce your promises and make or renew your solemn vows. With your wedding ceremony, Paris elopement or vow renewal in Paris you take a moment to honor your love and commitment for each other.

As your celebrant in France I’d be happy to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments together. Let’s create memories in Paris that you will cherish forever!

Paris Officiant Packages

As your English speaking celebrant in Paris I create a personal and unique, meaningful and romantic ceremony for your destination wedding, elopement in Paris or renewal of wedding vows. I believe that your ceremony should reflect your beautiful love story, the uniqueness of your couple and your individual personalities.

My different packages are tailored for different kinds of celebrations – wedding ceremony in Paris France, Paris elopement package or intimate vow renewal ceremony.

Personal & unique ceremony

Whichever ceremony I create though it is important for me that it will be a personal and unique, romantic and meaningful celebration. The two of you are unique and so should be your celebration of love. So what my ceremony packages include is therefore more meant as an inspiration for you – they are not set in stone.

I would love to help you creating a moment of celebration that feels completely you. Let’s make your dream wedding, elopement ceremony and vow renewal ceremony a reality! So tell me all about the two of you! I can’t wait to hear your love story and how you envision your celebration of love.

“Imagine a perfectly tailored, incredibly romantic ceremony and you will get just that with Laura!
Everything was like in a movie, not needing extra takes but getting it right the first time.
It was flawless.”

Celebration of love & life

Let me know which type of event you are planning: wedding, elopement or vow renewal. Also feel free to share how you imagine your ceremony: outdoors or indoors, with or without guests, simple or elaborate, what date and which venue.

So whatever ideas you have for your Paris elopement packages, your wedding or vow renewal ceremony – tell me all about it! As your English speaking celebrant in Paris I can’t wait to here all your ideas or if you prefer guide you through the process.

Paris elopement  packages – eloping in Paris

The words “elopement” or “to elope” originally means that the two of you run away from home to secretly get married. While most couples don’t make it a secret anymore they still like to run away when eloping just the two of them. (lol) That actually means that they travel to get married at a beautiful and meaningful destination in the world. So an elopement is basically a destination wedding that couples celebrate usually just the two of them. Sometimes only their absolute closets “partners in crime” are joining for instance their BFF or parents. Eloping also implies that your celebration is usually simpler, more casual and laid-back than a big destination wedding.

Many couples feel attracted by this extremely romantic idea of an elopement. I mean the two of you (secretly) running away to the other side of the world to get married – if that’s not romantic, what is? (lol) And Paris is clearly the most romantic city in the world. Therefore the perfect place to make this dream come true. “We eloped to Paris!” Doesn’t that sound irresistibly and wildly romantic?

As your English speaking Paris officiant I will create a romantic, meaningful and personal ceremony for your Paris elopement. Feel free to have a look at my Paris elopement packages page including some useful tips to help you start planning your elopement wedding. Feel free to also have a look at my 10 insider tips for eloping to Paris. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to share your thoughts and if you have questions about my Paris elopement packages!

Paris wedding – getting married in France

A Paris destination wedding is always a good idea. Because first the two of you are getting married in the city of love. And also you get to travel together with your loved ones to one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. You can celebrate your destination wedding as a Paris wedding, meaning directly in the French capital. Or you can decide to host your destination wedding somewhere else in France – and there are so many beautiful regions and wedding venues (did someone say French chateau?) all over France.

No matter if Paris wedding or wedding in France in any case you will find just the perfect place to host your destination wedding: A fairytale French chateau for your dream wedding, an elegant mansion for your intimate wedding, a magnificent ballroom or a royal garden – you are spoilt for choice!

A destination wedding is of course not the same as an elopement. Because you will invite your loved ones to celebrate your wedding in France together with you. You can host an intimate wedding with just the closest and most important people in your life. Or you can invite all your families and friends to join you on this adventure of getting married in France.

As your English speaking celebrant in France I will help you creating a memorable and unique celebration that feel perfectly you and makes also your guests feel emotionally involved. Feel free to check my page with more information and tips about your Paris wedding or wedding in France. And don’t hesitate to reach out to tell me all about your wedding plans!

Paris vow renewal – renewing wedding vows in Paris

Paris vow renewal package

A Paris vow renewal ceremony in for married couple who wish to renews or reaffirms their wedding vows. Often a wedding anniversary is a great occasion for a married couple to take a moment to celebrate the life and love they have already shared together and to renew their promises for their future. Also entering new chapter in life or the wish for a new beginning after a challenging time can be reason for a Paris vow renewal. Or simply the wish to exchange wedding vows once more in order to show each other how much they still treasure their commitment and promises.

Some married couples also want to celebrate a personal and bespoke vow renewal ceremony in Paris because their originally wedding ceremony wasn’t the romantic or unique celebration they have dreamed of. Because by getting married with a civil ceremony at the city hall or a religious ceremony in church (or any other religious institution) they often had to follow certain rules and were not able to have to make it really personal and romantic. However with a Paris vow renewal they are finally able to celebrate a bespoke and unique ceremony.

Whatever your personal reason to renew your vows in Paris (and for me any reason to celebrate your love is a good reason!) as your English speaking celebrant in Paris I will help you celebrate your enduring love for each other! Feel free to check my page with more information and advice about your Paris vow renewal ceremony. And don’t hesitate to also check my blogpost with tips & ideas for your Paris vow renewal.

Paris naming ceremony – celebrate a baby naming

Paris baby naming package

Some parents decide to celebrate a new life and family member entering into this world with a baby naming ceremony. A baby naming ceremony is similar to a baptism but non-religious or with less focus on religious elements. A Paris naming ceremony is not only about giving the baby his or her name. But it is also and mainly about taking a moment as parents to welcome their child into their lives, to reflect on which values they want to pass on, to offer wishes and blessings to their baby and to also just to celebrate a new life as well as a new chapter in the couples life becoming parents.

A naming ceremony is also a great occasion to make vows. This can mean promises to their child but also new promises to each other as they now will fulfill a new role. The couple will now be parents in addition to being lovers, best friends and partners for life. Therefore a Paris naming ceremony can also be part of or combined with a Paris vow renewal ceremony or also Paris elopement ceremony.

To celebrate a Paris naming ceremony the child does not have to be a baby but can already a bit older.

If you have questions about a Paris baby naming ceremony or want to combine it with your own Paris elopement or Paris vow renewal then please get in touch with me, your Paris officiant, and we will create a beautiful Paris ceremony for your family.

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