Paris elopement at the Eiffel Tower

Paris elopement

A Paris elopement is a small and intimate wedding celebration in Paris with just the two of you or a handful of guests. When getting married in Paris outdoors with an elopement wedding you’ll enjoy the most beautiful locations (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Tuileries – you name it!) as a backdrop for your symbolic ceremony officiated by a celebrant in Paris and for your elopement photoshoot in Paris.

As your English speaking celebrant in Paris I’d be honored to officiate your Paris elopement ceremony and help you plan your non-traditional destination wedding in Paris – lots of romance and a pinch of adventure included! Read through the following Paris elopement guide – you’ll find everything you need to know if you want to elope in Paris.

Paris elopement guide

1. Why eloping to Paris?

6 reasons for a Paris elopement

2. Paris elopement packages

Ceremony & Packages

3. Paris elopement day

Date, Timeline & Locations

4. Paris elopement vendors

Photos, Flowers & More

5. Get ready to elope in Paris

Travel, Dress & Tux

1. Why eloping to Paris?

A Paris elopement wedding and ceremony is a foolishly romantic idea. You always thought that eloping in Paris would be the most romantic thing in the world: Just sneaking away to a beautiful place to exchange your wedding vows. You want to elope in Paris because deep down your a hopeless romantic and an adventurous soul.

6 great reasons for a Paris elopement

But that are not the only reason why an elopement in Paris could be a great fit for you. If the following sounds like I can read your mind then you are more than ready to elope in Paris and get married in the city of love:

Just the two of us

Your elopement ceremony is an intimate moment that you mainly want to share with your fiancé/e. As much as you love your family and friends you prefer eloping in Paris without (many) guests. Because you want to fully focus on each other and your promises – the core of your Paris wedding ceremony and marriage. You are maybe also looking for an intimate elopement ceremony in Paris, because you are a little bit shy and don’t enjoy so much having all eyes on you – especially when declaring your love to each other.

Less Stress

Planning a big (destination) wedding with all the bells and whistles is not your thing. You don’t want to get stressed over the long list of things you need to take care of when planning a traditional wedding (e.g. who to invite? how to entertain our guests? which food, which favors? what about venue and decoration? and on and on…) Planning a wedding elopement in Paris is so much simpler and easier, because all you need is love – well, almost all! For a Paris elopement you basically need: The two of you, a celebrant in Paris for your ceremony and a Paris photographer to capture the moment – the rest is optional.

Lower Budget

Planning a wedding usually costs a bunch of money. And the most expensive items in your wedding budget are: your wedding venue and your guests. The more guests the more expensive your wedding, because you need to feed them, entertain them and have a venue large enough for them. Naturally when eloping in Paris, you don’t need to worry or pay for a wedding venue – because the city of Paris is already your wedding venue – or for your guests – because you will have none or only very few and therefore won’t need to host a large reception.

Paris elopement package bride groom at Louvre pyramid with water reflection

Paris is always a good idea

You love Paris, it’s your favorite place in the world? It has always been your dream to travel to the city of love one day? Paris is already part of your love story, as you got engaged in the city of lights or your first romantic trip as a couple was to Paris? Looks like you don’t need any other good reason than PARIS to get married with a Paris elopement wedding. And it’s true, Paris means love and romance – so could there be a more romantic and magical place than Paris to elope? Mais non, surtout pas!

Do it your way!

Sometimes with Paris elopement you can also finally do it your way: Some of my couple had a big traditional wedding back home, but felt that they had to follow traditions or fulfill expectations that did not feel like them. Some of my couples only got married with a quick civil ceremony, but never had a real celebration with a romantic and personal Paris celebrant ceremony or gorgeous wedding photos. These couples elope in Paris to finally have a the wedding celebration of their dreams.

Travel bugs

You are a couple who loves traveling and exploring the world together? You love trying new things and discovering new places and cultures? Then an elopement in Paris is exactly what you need. Your elopement in Paris is not only a romantic and intimate dream destination wedding come true. Eloping in Paris also means two in one: Wedding in Paris + Honeymoon in the most romantic city in the world. Paris means love & romance. Paris means delicious food & wine. Paris means great art & architecture. Can you possibly need more for a Paris elopement and honeymoon trip? Can you feel the travel bugs?

just eloped Medici Fountain

If you were just nodding your head YES at least one time reading this you are so ready to elope in Paris! Just the two of you focusing on each other and the commitment you are about to make with the most important person in your life. Your Paris elopement will give you the chance to share an intimate ceremony in a magical and breathtaking city. And as your celebrant in Paris I’ll help you getting married in the city of love.

Paris elopement or Paris wedding?

Eloping to Paris means that it is just the two of you – or at most a handful of guests. My Paris elopement packages include groups with up to 8 people (meaning bride + groom + 6 guests). If you plan on having more guests I would of course still love to officiate your ceremony as your English speaking celebrant in Paris. But then we are not talking about a Paris elopement anymore, but about a Paris destination wedding. In this case jump over to my Paris wedding page for more info!

So that you can distinguish better whether you want to plan a Paris elopement or Paris wedding, here a quick overview for you to know if your destination wedding, intimate wedding or micro wedding is rather on the elopement or on the wedding side:

Paris elopement

Guests: Just the two of you. Or you 2 + max. 4 guests (group total of 6)
Venue: Typically outdoors at a public location.
And that’s already the reason why my Paris elopement packages are limited to a very small number of guests. Because first at a public location we are not allowed to privatize or close our ceremony space. That means the more people you are, the more attention of passersby and tourist groups you’ll attract. Also we are not allowed to set up chairs or use a PA system. So a Paris elopement ceremony is rather casual.
Secondly if the weather is bad on your elopement day, we may have to celebrate your wedding ceremony at an alternative outdoor spot that is covered. But these protected and covered public locations in Paris are very rare and don’t accommodate larger groups. However with a small group we are pretty flexible if we need to change location for any reason.

Paris wedding

Guests: As many as you want.
Venue: Private venue.
If you are planning a destination wedding in Paris you need to book a private venue to celebrate your Paris wedding ceremony and reception. In a Paris wedding venue you have a private space just for you and your guests. You don’t need to worry about the weather or any other disturbances – you’ll have your peace of mind. Not sure yet where to get married in Paris and host your Paris wedding? Then check my recommendations to find the best Paris wedding venue.

2. Paris Elopement Packages

Your Paris elopement ceremony is the core of your wedding celebration. Because it is the moment when you will exchange your wedding vows and the promises that your marriage will be based on. It is the moment when you become a married couple, when you transition from lovers to life partners.

Ceremony Package:
Bespoke Paris elopement ceremony with officiant in Paris

As your Paris Officiant it is important for me to create a Paris elopement ceremony for you that feels perfectly you and will be an unforgettable experience as you become husband and wife (or husband and husband/ wife and wife). My mission as English speaking celebrant in Paris is to write a bespoke, romantic and unique elopement ceremony for you to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments in the city of love together!

My bespoke elopement ceremony packages include:

Script: I will create a bespoke elopement ceremony in English for you (with a little French touch!) based on a unique & meaningful script – tailor-made just for the two of you (including your personal love story and romantic readings & quotes about Paris, love & marriage!)

Performance: I’ll perform your Paris elopement ceremony in a personal and romantic way as your celebrant in Paris – a moment you will never forget!

Rituals: We will perform the classic wedding rituals, which are the declaration of intent (the “I do’s”), wedding vows (standard or personal vows – your choice) and exchange of wedding rings.

Keepsake folder: You will sign a symbolic Paris-themed wedding certificate and receive a printed keepsake copy of your personal and unique ceremony script as keepsakes of your Paris elopement.

“Laura had us complete a questionnaire so she could write a special ceremony unique to our story. It was incredible!
She created the most personalized, fun and touching elopement ceremony. We were literally laughing and crying the entire time.
You can tell: Laura puts her heart and soul into creating a one of a kind ceremony for her clients!”

Wedding ceremony Eiffel Tower gardens

Note: Symbolic ceremony with your officiant in Paris

Your elopement ceremony in Paris performed by a Paris officiant, Paris celebrant, officiant in France or celebrant in France is not legally binding. In France you can only get married by law with a civil ceremony at the city hall. But this is practically impossible for couples who are not French residents. The government has very strict and complicated bureaucratic requirements for foreigners who want to legally get married in France. So save yourself the hassle and elope to Paris with a symbolic wedding ceremony. The best solution is to legally get married back home before or after your romantic elopement in Paris. Read more here about getting married in France.

Elopement package:
Stress free & all-inclusive package for your elopement in Paris

Over many years of officiating Paris elopement ceremonies and helping my couples with tips & advice on how to elope in Paris, I gained a lot of experience and also got to know many talented and experienced Paris wedding vendors, that I now work with on a regular basis. That’s why I’d be happy to make your elopement planning even easier by offering stress-free all-inclusive elopement packages. My Paris elopement packages include:

Paris elopement package Louvre autumn foliage

Ceremony: Of course always a bespoke elopement ceremony with myself, your English speaking Paris Officiant, as the base of your wedding elopement in Paris.

Other services: You can add photography, videography, bridal beauty, wedding flowers, transportation (van or French vintage car), musician etc. to your Paris elopement package.

Planning: Based on how you envision your elopement day in Paris, as well as my knowledge about all things Paris elopement, we create the perfect plan for your elopement in Paris. I will provide you with a detailed timeline and itinerary of your Paris elopement day.

Coordination: You only need to communicate with me, instead of every single vendor you need for you Paris elopement. I will take care of choosing, booking, briefing and coordinate all Paris wedding vendors included in your elopement package.

Team: I work with a team of trusted and experienced vendors for my Paris elopement packages. I will send you samples of their work so that you get an impression if you like their style. You can’t choose your own vendors for my elopement packages.

3. Paris elopement planning: How to plan your Paris elopement day?

So the two of you have settled on the probably most romantic way to say your I do’s: Eloping in Paris. Now you may wonder: How should I plan my elopement day in Paris from the other side of the world? No worries, I got you! As celebrant in Paris I speak English (so no language barrier) and got lots of experience about how to elope in Paris.

When to elope in Paris – choose your Paris elopement date

So let’s take your elopement planning to the next step. As your Paris officiant I will step by step run you through the entire process to help you make your dream elopement in Paris a reality. So here are the things you should consider next:

Seasons in Paris

While weather & temperature in Paris are varying depending on the time of the year – but every season has it’s charm:
Spring is gorgeous because of cherry blossom and other spring blooms.
Summer is lovely because temperature are warm and the city has a relaxed vibe.
Fall is beautiful especially during autumn foliage when the leaves on the trees change color.
Winter is cold but Paris also empty and quiet. Around the holidays the city is full of lights and has a very festive charm.

Holidays in France

When picking your Paris elopement date try to check whether they fall into a French holiday period. Most holidays in France follow the Christian calendar (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Assumption, etc…). But there are also holidays specific to France. The most famous one: National Holiday or Bastille Day on July 14th.
Whereas it can be a great experience to celebrate one of these holidays during your trip and elopement in Paris. However it also means that the city is even more crowded and busy as usual.

When during your trip

Also make sure you choose a date for your elopement in Paris that is neither to close to your arrival nor too close to you departure.
Too early: Don’t elope on your first day(s)! If you elope on the day of/after your arrival to Paris you may feel jet lagged or tired. Also in case your luggage arrives with a delay it would make it stressful. So tt’s never bad to have a bit of time prior to your Paris elopement day in order to settle in and be able to fully enjoy.
Too late: Don’t elope on your last day(s) either! If you panned your elopement in Paris on your last day we won’t have any flexibility. Becasue if it’s pouring rain on your elopement day, we simply don’t have any chance anymore to reschedule your Paris elopement.

Places to elope in Paris – elopement location for your wedding ceremony

Most of my couples eloping to Paris wish to have an outdoor ceremony. Someplace beautiful with a typical Parisian backdrop. You too? Sounds great, as your English speaking celebrant in Paris I know many beautiful ceremony locations.

Feel free to get a first overview over all the different possible ceremony locations here: places to elope in Paris. If you already know that it has to be a iconic landmark or sublime architecture (e.g. Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Alexander III bridge, Golden Gate) then check my blogpost about the most stunning Paris elopement locations. If you prefer a romantic park or beautiful gardens (e.g. Luxembourg Gardens, Tuileries) then check my blogpost about the most intimate Paris ceremony locations.

You can of course also book a private wedding venue for your Paris elopement ceremony. The advantage: No tourist groups, no crowds of passersby, no traffic noise, no busy street life… In a private venue you will be completely intimate and quiet for your wedding ceremony. But these beautiful Paris wedding venues of course come with a price, whereas public outdoor locations are free of charge.

Paris wedding day timeline – eloping in Paris with great timing

If you decide to elope at an outdoor public location then the motto is: the early bird catches the worm. Paris elopements are typically starting at sunrise. Crazy? Yeah, kind of! But so much worth it, believe me.

Avoiding crowds

The French capital is densely populated and a very popular travel destination. That means that Paris quickly gets busy and crowded starting from late mornings.
So if you don’t want to have a bunch of strangers witnessing your ceremony, filming you with their phones or chatting loud in the background, then you better get up early to elope in Paris.
But not only your Paris elopement ceremony but also your Paris elopement photo session would be affected by the crowds: Because the two of you should be on your Paris wedding photos – and not a sea of strangers in the background of you Paris elopement pictures.

Best light

Apart of avoiding crowds for your elopement in Paris, sunrise time and the early morning are also great, because the light for your Paris elopement wedding photos will be the most beautiful.
Paris photographers love shooting in the early morning, because the natural light is soft and flattering. The closer we get to noon, the higher the sun will rise and the harsher it will look on your wedding photos in Paris. The light around noon can create strong contrast and dark shadows.
So in the early morning you also have ideal circumstances for your photoshoot – and best chances to experience a magical sunrise.

No morning person

If there is no way for you to wake up at the crack of dawn – or even before, because you know that you couldn’t fully enjoy your Paris elopement as you really are no morning person – no worries, there is a solution for everything.
I know a few romantic and intimate locations for your elopement ceremony in Paris, that are still as quiet as it gets even in the afternoon. It won’t be the Eiffel Tower or Louvre thought: These scenic locations are just too packed later in the day and an intimate Paris elopement ceremony would be impossible there – unless you enjoy the attention and don’t mind a lack of privacy.

Sunrise Louvre intimate wedding ceremony

4. Build a team: How to find the best Paris elopement vendors?

There are two ways how to go about planning your Paris elopement:

DIY elopement planning: If you would like to choose, inquire, book and coordinate your wedding vendors yourself, then only book a ceremony package with me, your celebrant in Paris. In addition feel free to let me know which other Paris wedding vendors you need as well, I’d be happy to send you some recommendations. In this case you do the planning and coordination yourself!

All-inclusive elopement packages: If you do NOT want to plan and coordinate your Paris elopement yourself, I’d be happy to create a stress-free and all-inclusive elopement package for you. In this case I would choose and book the wedding vendors you need from my team of vendors and coordinate them for you. I will also plan your elopement day (locations, timeline, inspiration) together with you. So you would just need to communicate with one person, your Paris officiant.

On a side note: I don’t recommend other Paris wedding vendors because they pay me a commission for it – NEVER. I only recommend elopement vendors because I have worked with them and know that they are capable of providing great services and results, also that they are friendly, reliable and speak English.

“Thinking to elope in Paris can be scary (especially when you don’t speak French). But Laura makes everything so easy!
Her English is amazing and she couldn’t have been more helpful.
She recommended great ceremony locations, suggested professionals for hair & make-up, photographers,… everything and anything!
No matter how many times I emailed her with questions she always responded quickly, happily and most helpfully.
She took away all of my worries and stress!”

Eiffel Tower Trocadero black wedding

The follwoing tips on how to choose your wedding vendors are for you, if you want to plan and coordinate your Paris elopement yourself. If you book an all-inclusive Paris elopement package with me, the team of wedding vendors included in my elopement packages, are all checking the boxes of what I will share with you below. So in this case you don’t need to worry about any of this, I’ll take care of it for you as your marriage celebrant officiating your ceremony as well as planing and coordinating your elopement day.

Paris elopement photographer

Your Paris elopement photographer will capture all the precious and unforgettable moments of your wedding day into photos. In Paris you will find many English speaking Paris elopement photographers, so you may wonder whom to choose. Here a quick checklist in order to find a Paris elopement photographer who is the perfect fit for your romantic Paris elopement day:

Skills & Experience

First and foremost your Paris elopement photographer need to be have the professional skills to capture your day and create beautiful Paris elopement photos.
So choose a Paris photographer who is doing Paris elopement photography as a full time and main job – not just a hobby or side hustle.
Who uses professional quality equipment (as much as you can judge).
Who is an experienced elopement photographer in Paris – it shouldn’t be their first time shooting a wedding, even if they are for instance great fashion photographers or photojournalists.
Also check their portfolio carefully (galleries on their website, posts on social media) to see whether quality and style are consistent – if only a few of their photos are really great or their look/style/editing seems to be very varying, then that usually doesn’t speak for great quality or a reliable outcome of your Paris elopement pictures.

Totally your Style

Even if the quality of the photos is great, but you don’t really like the photography style, then you probably won’t be happy with your elopement photos. So first find out which esthetic you envision for your Paris elopement photos.
Some photographers have a classic and timeless esthetic (e.g. natural light, mix of posed and candid), some have a fine art approach (often very lighty and airy, sometimes a bit artsy and posed), some shoot moody style (a bit darker, edgier editing and rather candid photos than posed ones), some are specialize in close ups, some in wide angles, some shoot film etc.
You don’t need to know all any specific terms though. Just check the website portfolios and Instagram of photographers to see which style and esthetic you like most.

Question of time

Many couples want to take wedding photos at different locations in Paris. There is one rule of thumb to help you choose the right package of your Paris photographer: You need to count 1 hour per 1 photoshoot location. So for instance if you want to take Paris elopement photos at the 3 locations Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Luxembourg Gardens you need to book a photo session of around 3 hours.
Maybe you only want photos of your ceremony in Paris and a few additional wedding photos? Then maybe a short 1-2 hour photography package may be enough.
Or do you want a full day coverage similar as for a traditional wedding (e.g. including getting ready, detail shots, first look, ceremony, couples photos at different locations, romantic lunch/dinner)? Then you are definitely in need of a longer package or full day coverage, maybe around 5-7 hours.

Paris elopement video

I know, this is not an item that is very high on the priority list of many couples eloping to Paris. But I would like you to at least consider hiring a professional Paris elopement videographer to create a wedding video for you. The big advantage of a wedding video is: You hear yourself saying your wedding vows to each other, you see yourself walking through Paris and dancing at the Eiffel Tower. You will feel all the feels of your wedding day in Paris again.

Also your loved ones back home will be double thankful. Because if is of course wonderful for them to be seeing all your beautiful Paris elopement photos. But with a wedding video your elopement day comes to life again in a different way – especially for your loved ones who did not share this moment with you in reality. When they’ll watch your Paris elopement video, they will listen to your ceremony, hear your wedding promises, see you as bride and groom – or bride & bride/ groom & groom – in the most romantic city in the world.

PERSONAL TIP: When my husband and I eloped to Kyoto we were sure that we wanted a wedding film. As Paris officiant I have seen many of them and just knew how powerful elopement videos can be. And my husband and I couldn’t be happier about this decision! We both treasure our elopement video because nothing is as touching and brings the experience back so instantly and intensively than hearing ourselves saying our vows to each other again.

Paris elopement bridal style

Which Paris bride does not want to look especially pretty on their wedding day in Paris? That’s what I thought (lol). Even if you very good doing your own makeup and hair, here are a few reasons why it could make sense to a hire a professional hair and makeup artist to create your Paris bridal style for your Paris elopement:

Less stress

A professional hair and makeup artists are used to work on a timeline and know exactly how much time they need creating a certain bridal style. This will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders. You know that you won’t run late or feel stressed when your hair just doesn’t want to behave the morning of your Paris elopement.


As mentioned above elopements in Paris usually start at around sunrise. That means you need to wake up and do your makeup and hair extremely early in the morning (2-3 hours before sunrise). Believe me, it is so much nicer to sip your coffee and snooze just a little longer, while a professional beauty is taking care of your hair and makeup.

Bridal style

Even if you regularly do your own makeup and hair, bridal hair and makeup may look different from you everyday style. You may not be used to create a bridal updo or specific makeup style on yourself – and definitely don’t want to try it as a first time on your wedding day. A professional will make sure that the outcome is as you envision it.

Lasting look

During your Paris elopement you’ll usually be outdoors for hours and you don’t know how challenging the weather may be on your wedding day. A professional bridal beauty artist knows the weather conditions in Paris and the challenges that come with it. They are able to recommend bridal hairstyles that are great for a windy day and make your makeup last all day long – even through your happy tears.

Paris wedding flowers

A beautiful flower bouquet and boutonniere will make your Paris bridal style complete. As most of my couples wear the traditional wedding colors black and white, flowers are often a beautiful pop of color completing the look. If you decide on different wedding colors or a color theme, then wedding flowers can give your Paris elopement style the final touch.

For a Paris elopement usually a wedding bouquet and boutonniere are enough. But you can always add a floral arch for your elopement ceremony or floral decoration for your hotel room or at your dinner venue.

PRO TIP: Make sure to order your bridal bouquet online in advance and have it delivered to you. This will save you a lot of time while in Paris and you’ll also make sure that you get exactly what you want. So send your Paris florist inspirational photos or a Pinterest board, tell them which flowers in what colors you want and agree on a delivery date. Usually that would be the evening before your elopement to your hotel. However some Paris florists also deliver early in the morning to your elopement location.

French vintage classic car

If you are planning a longer Paris elopement with ceremony and photoshoot at different locations in Paris then hiring private transportation will make your life a lot easier. Having a private van or vintage car with chauffeur on your elopement day saves you time (no need to wait for Uber or cabs!) – and less time in traffic means more time to take pictures. It provides extra flexibility (in case we quickly need to change location due to e.g. weather) and comfort (you can leave belongings safely in the car).

Private van: Your driver picks you up at your hotel, drives you and your team from location to location and in the ends drops you off again at your hotel. There is also enough room in a van to change outfit if you have a second bridal look or to bring along a couple of guests.

French classic car: Especially grooms get a big smile on their face when adding a French vintage car to your Paris elopement experience. Of course these cars come with a chauffeur as well, so you don’t need to know how to drive stick. You just can lean back and watch Paris passing by through the windows.
The chauffeur does not only pick you up at your hotel and drives you from location to location for your Paris elopement ceremony and photo shoot. You can also use the classic French vintage car for your wedding photos, which looks so elegant and so Parisian.

Paris ceremony music

When celebrating a traditional wedding ceremony you usually always have music for your processional and recessional. So why should you miss out on that just because you are eloping in Paris? You can book a musician for your Paris elopement, who is playing live music for your elopement ceremony in Paris.

Even if with an elopement we don’t really have a big processional or recessional as usually there is not really an aisle nor guests. However you can incorporate your favorite songs into your ceremony to add an extra personal touch. As celebrant in Paris I love that listening to a song before starting the ceremony helps my couples to get into the moment and relax. After the ceremony you can listen to another song while sharing your first dance as married couple – so romantic!

As your officiant in Paris I usually work with a violinist or a vocalist playing Ukulele.

Paris elopement Package or plan it yourself

There is no right and wrong in either booking a Paris elopement package or planning your Paris elopement yourself. It’s more a questions of how you envision your Paris elopement day and how involved you wish to be in the creating and planning process of your wedding day in Paris. As your officiant in Paris I can help you in the following two ways:

Officiating: Paris elopement ceremony

As your English speaking celebrant in Paris I will be first and foremost creating and officiating your elopement ceremony in Paris and help you with everything around your Paris ceremony (e.g. ceremony location, ceremony schedule, wedding vows).
I am also always happy to send recommendations of other Paris wedding vendors you may need and want for your elopement day in Paris (e.g. Paris elopement photographer, videographer, bridal stylist, wedding florist, private wedding transportation, ceremony musician), so that you can choose, book and coordinate your own team of vendors and plan your Paris elopement day yourself.

In short: If you want to be very involved in your Paris elopement planning, are a fairly organized bride or groom, are very used to travel (in Europe) and have ideally been to Paris before, and it is important for you to choose every single vendor yourself, then self-planning your Paris elopement may be the better choice for you.

Officiating + Planning: Paris elopement package

As your experienced officiant in Paris I am also always delighted to give you some extra support and create a stress-free Paris elopement package for you that suits your requirements.
So on top of officiating your wedding ceremony as your Paris celebrant, I will also plan and coordinate your elopement day together with you (e.g. elopement day timeline, ceremony & photoshoot locations, intinerary)
In this case I will choose, book and coordinate the wedding vendors you need for your elopement day. So you only need to communicate with me, your Paris officiant and Paris elopement coordinator, and I’ll take care of the rest.
This only works with vendors of my team, you can’t choose whatever vendor yourself, in this case you would need to plan and coordinate yourself.

In short: If you don’t want to sweat the details, are not feeling very comfortable planning and coordinating your Paris elopement yourself from afar, have never been to Paris, are eloping to Paris last minute or feel insecure researching, comparing and choosing your wedding vendors, then a stress-free Paris elopement package may be a great help for you.

5. Get ready to elope in Paris – what else you need to prepare for your Paris elopement

Now that you have planned your Paris elopement day, are in touch with your favorite Paris elopement wedding vendors or have booked a Paris elopement package, you need to get ready for your big day in Paris. Because elopement planning continues back home (wherever that is) together with your fiancé/e discussing how you both envision your elopement in Paris and what (and who) needs to be part of it and how to break the news.

Breaking the news about eloping in Paris

The original meaning of eloping is: run away secretly in order to get married at a romantic destination far away from home. Some of my couples still keep their Paris elopement a secret. But most of my couples break the news before that they plan to elope to Paris. And in most cases I would recommend just that!

Mainly because by talking to your loved ones about your Paris elopement plans before eloping in France, instead of confronting them with the news after having eloped in Paris, usually avoids greater conflict. Maybe your family has questions. Maybe they simply need a bit of time to get used to the idea. It sometimes isn’t easy – especially for parents – to know that they will NOT be part of their children’s wedding day. However if you explain your reasons why you choose to get married in Paris with an intimate elopement just the two of you they most likely will understand and be happy for you.

Many of my couples also plan a small reception back home after their Paris elopement to celebrate with their families and friends. This is also the perfect occasion to show your elopement photos from Paris and share your beautiful Paris elopement experience with your loved ones.

PRO TIP: Get married twice! I did the same and it was awesome: I was eloping to Japan only my husband and I and three very close friends. Of course we were only able to have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Japan. So back home in France we got married a second time. We had a civil ceremony at the city hall to make our marriage legally binding. Moreover we used this occasion to invite our close family, celebrate together and watch our elopement video from Kyoto.

Paris elopement outfit: Wedding dress & tux

Even if Paris is one of the greatest places in the world to find beautiful wedding dresses, elegant tuxes and wedding accessories, in most cases I would recommend to choose and buy your wedding outfits back home. However you also have the options to rent a wedding gown, tux or suit while in Paris.

Where to rent or buy your dress?

Buy your Paris wedding dress back home because finding the perfect wedding dress, bridal shoes, wedding and all the gorgeous accessories that make your wedding style unique takes a lot of time – A LOT! Usually you won’t have all this time when you are in Paris. Most of my couples stay around week when eloping to Paris. If you have to find the wedding dress of your dreams during such a short stay then you’ll most likely be stressed out.

Also most wedding dressed to buy need to be ordered many weeks/months in advance and then again fitted later. So this would only work if you travel to Paris several times or on a regular basis. If this is not the case better prepare everything you can before. This way you’ll have time to visit Paris: enjoy a few romantic days in Paris and a stress free elopement experience.

Renting your wedding dress in Paris is a great option, if you only want to wear your wedding dress for this one occasion, your elopement in Paris, if you don’t want to keep your bridal gown as a keepsake of your wedding day, and if you not on the quest for the one and only perfect dress for you. However still plan enough time to try and choose your rental dress while on your Paris elopement trip.

Where to rent or buy your suit?

Buying your Paris wedding suit back home is usually also the best solution for grooms, in order to be relaxed during your trip to France and enjoy eloping to Paris without still having to find your outfit.

Moreover grooms can very often use their wedding suit for other occasions afterwards e.g. as a wedding guest, for other life celebration or even business events. So it often is a good investment to purchase a great fitting suit for your Paris elopement, but to take the time finding it back home.

Renting a wedding suit in Paris can be a great option for grooms, if you are sure that you will only wear this tux or wedding suit for your Paris elopement and you have a bit of time while in Paris. There are several places in Paris (more than for bridal gowns) where you can rent a tux or wedding suit. This will take a bit of time, but will save you money.

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How to travel with your wedding outfits?

On the airplane: Don’t put your wedding dress or tux into the check in luggage. You would not want to risk damage or loss of your bridal gown. And you also don’t want to be stressed out in case your luggage arrives with a delay in Paris.

Instead transport your wedding dress and tux in a slipcover in the carry on luggage. Give your airline a call beforehand so that they can make sure that there will be a place in the cabin.

Via post mail: Also don’t use post mail to send your wedding outfits to Paris. It’s hard to get the timing right for it to arrive in time, and if it arrives earlier than you to have somebody receiving it in your place.

However if you keep traveling after you eloped in Paris and don’t want to carry your wedding outfits with you during your entire trip, then send you wedding outfits back home via post mail.

Paris Elopement Wedding with your celebrant in Paris

So what are you waiting for – let’s create memorable moments together! I’d love to hear all about you and how your envision your Paris elopement. Get in touch! As your celebrant in Paris I will send you more information about my Paris elopement packages and we will start creating your ceremony and Paris elopement day together.

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