Paris vow renewal

Why renewing vows in Paris?

You could really enjoy having a Paris vow renewal if the following rings true:

• You are already married since a few years or maybe already since decades. So you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary with a romantic vow renewal ceremony.

• Your life changed since you got married. But one thing is persistent over the years: The love you feel for each other. You still wish to spend the rest of your lives together. So you want to celebrate your love and reaffirm your commitment by renewing wedding vows in Paris.

• You are thankful for all the years you already spent together, for all the ups and downs you have shared together side by side. And you are equally excited about your shared future experiencing everything together that is yet to come. A Paris vow renewal ceremony gives you the chance express your gratitude towards each other.

• A new adventure in your life is about to start: You are maybe retiring together or expecting your first grandchild. So you wish to celebrate this new chapter in your shared life with a wedding vow renewal ceremony in Paris.

• Maybe you are facing challenges in your lives or relationship. You already overcame or are determined to master these obstacles together. So you wish to strengthen your relationship or make a fresh start by renewing your wedding vows in Paris.

You can relate to at least one of these reasons to renew wedding vows? Then you are so ready for romance! So come to Paris and let’s celebrate your enduring love for each other with your vow renewal ceremony.

Bespoke vow renewal ceremony

As your Paris Officiant I will create a personal and romantic vow renewal ceremony for you that pays tribute to your long and beautiful love story!

My Paris vow renewal ceremony usually contains:

• A bespoke and unique vow renewal ceremony script. I will create a ceremony that is as you unique as you are as a couple.

• Romantic thoughts, quotes and readings about of love, marriage and Paris of course – including a little French touch!

• Your ceremony incorporates your beautiful love story and pays tribute to everything that is important and meaningful to you.

• We will perform the classic wedding rituals to renew vows: declaration of intent (the “I (still) do’s”), renewal of wedding vows and re-exchange of wedding rings.

• You will sign your symbolic Paris-themed vow renewal certificate.

• You will take home a keepsake copy of your unique ceremony script.

“We had the most perfect, intimate and meaningful vow renewal ceremony with Laura.
Laura incorporated our children, a Celtic hand-fasting ritual into the ceremony. Beautiful French poems intermingled with anecdotes from our love story. She made it so very personal and absolutely beautiful.”

And all this is just the beginning: As your celebrant in Paris I will create together with you a unique celebration. Because you are unique. And so is your love story and relationship. There are so many ways how we can celebrate your love. Feel free to hop over to my blog to read: 5 ideas for you Paris vow renewal ideas. And get in touch with me, so that we can start creating YOUR Paris vow renewal ceremony.

Paris Vow Renewal planning: How to get started?

How exciting, you just decided to renew your wedding vows in Paris. But you may wonder: How to get started? I know it is hard. Simply because there is not much out there providing you with ideas and advice: You don’t see many vow renewals in glossy wedding magazines or hip wedding blogs. Also you may have never witnessed a vow renewal ceremony as they are just not celebrated as commonly and with as many guests as weddings.

Don’t worry, I got you. And I am glad that you found me. As your Paris officiant I will run you through the entire process. From the first idea to your dream renewal of vows in Paris.

Renewing vows: How, why, who, where?

Before starting to plan your Paris vow renewal day in detail, you should think about a few basic considerations first. Simply because these are the basic decision you need to take. And they will widely influence your Paris vow renewal celebration.

Make your renewal of vows completely yours

Many of my couples renewing vows in Paris tell me: My wedding was widely influenced by my family and friends. I felt obliged to host a large wedding, invite people I personally wouldn’t have invited, to celebrate in a very traditional way… (well, you name it). It just did not really feel like us.

If that is the case for you too then let me tell you one thing: This time around your celebration should be perfectly you in any regard! You don’t like white dresses? Than don’t wear one! You love them, actually the bigger and puffier the better? Then get your perfect princess bridal gown – no matter your age. You want to write your personal vows this time? Let’s do it!

This starts with why you want to celebrate your renewal of vows: Wedding anniversary, retiring together, expecting a baby or just because. Any reason is a good reason. You don’t need to be married for 30 years before you “deserve” a renewal of vows. I actually have many couples who are only married since a few year when deciding to renew vows in Paris. Sometimes it is like a second wedding to them – just more intimate and personal as the first time around. Sometimes they have a special motivation or occasion. Sometime they just enjoy celebrating their love. And truly, that can never be wrong, right? Because in any case you invest into your relationship.

wedding anniversary kiss medici fountain luxembourg gardens

Who to invite to your Paris vow renewal?

You may have felt the pressure to invite your nagging great aunt, arrogant second cousin and all the plus ones of everybody that you barely know to your wedding. To you Paris vow renewal you don’t need to invite anyone if you don’t like to! The pressure clearly is off when it’s about renewing vows.

Many of my couples travel to Paris to renew their vows just the two of them. They enjoy having a moment to focus only on each other – nothing and nobody else. Their wedding may have been busy and bustling. Their vow renewal is often calm and intimate. But if that isn’t you, then you bring your favorite humans to celebrate together.

For instance some of my couples bring their children who may not have been around yet when they got married. As Paris celebrant I usually try to include the kids somehow into the ceremony no matter the age. I have already officiated Paris vow renewals with babies, toddler, school kids, teenagers and grown up children.

Some couples bring their closest friends to celebrate their renewal of vows and to enjoy some time together traveling Paris.

Where to celebrate? Go public or stay private

Vow renewal ceremonies are usually small events. Either it is only the couple or they bring a handful of loved ones. Therefore my vow renewal packages usually include groups up to 10 people (including the couple). With such a small group we are completely flexible with your choice of ceremony location. We can celebrate at a public location outdoors such as the Eiffel Tower or Luxembourg Gardens. But we can also celebrate in a private venue.

In case you decide to bring more people for your Paris vow renewal then I would warmly recommend to rent a private venues for your ceremony. It doesn’t matter whether it is an outdoor or indoor venue. However with a larger group of people we cannot celebrate at an outdoor public location any longer.

Let’s talk about Paris: How to plan your vow renewal day?

Great, you just decided about the basics: How and why you want to celebrate your renewal of vows with whom and consequently in a pulic or private Paris ceremony location. Now let’s move on and create your perfect day renewing vows in Paris.

Places to renew vows – Paris ceremony locations

Most of my couples renewing wedding vows in Paris decide for an outdoor ceremony with Paris as their backdrop. As your English speaking Paris officiant I know so many beautiful ceremony locations. If you want to get a first overview over all kinds of possible outdoor vow renewal locations then feel free to check my page: places to renew vows in Paris. If you always dreamed about haveing your ceremony near an iconic Paris landmark or with elegant Parisian architecture in the background then check my blogpost about the most stunning ceremony locations. If you love the romantic vibe or Parisian gardens and parks then check my blogpost about the most intimate Paris ceremony locations.

PRO TIP: There are two good reasons to consider booking a private venue: 1. You are worried about tourist groups, crowds of passersby, traffic noise, busy street life when celbrating at a pulic location. Then you better look into private venues in order to be completely private and intimate for your vow renewal ceremony. 2. You want to invite a few more guests to celebrate with you. As ceremonies at outdoor locations are only possible for a small group I warmly recommend to book a private venue for your ceremony and celebration. It won’t be hard to find a beautiful place! Feel free to see some of the here: Best Paris wedding venues!

Eiffel Tower sunrise wedding anniversary photo shoot

The early bird catches the worm

In case you want to celebrate your ceremony at an outdoor public location then you are hopefully an early riser. Paris quickly gets crowded, busy and noisy starting from late morning. So the only chance we got to share a quiet moment for your ceremony is by meeting early in the morning. The best moment in the day for your ceremony is sunrise time: Paris is still calm, there are not many people around and the light is gorgeous.

If waking up early is your worst nightmare and you can’t imagine to enjoy an early morning ceremony at all the we got two options: 1. Either you book a private venue where you can be quiet and intimate any time of day. 2. Or we choose a public outdoor locations that is not the most busy one Paris. That means we would most likely NOT choose the Eiffel Tower or Louvre. But rather one of the intimate locations mentioned above.

Team building: How to find the best vendors for your vow renewal?

Just because you already had a wedding does not mean that your vow renewal is less important. You will share a very special and unique moment in Paris that you will treasure forever: So make it a beautiful and memorable celebration of love!

And don’t worry, I can totally help you with that! As English speaking celebrant in Paris I have years of experience, local knowledge (best locations, time etc.) and work with many talented and reliable Paris vendors.

So there are two way how you can plan renewing your wedding vows in Paris:

Either you book a stress free and all inclusive vow renewal packages with me: In this case I choose, book and coordinate the vendors you need of my team for you – so you only need to communicate with me. I will also plan the timeline, itinerary and style of you Paris vow renewal for you.

Or you prefer planning your Paris vow renewal yourself: In this case you only book your vow renewal ceremony with me, your marriage celebrant in Paris France. If needed I can send you recommendations of other vendors, that you will then inquire, choose, book and coordinate yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t work with other Paris vendors because they pay me a commission for it – NEVER. I only work with or vendors because that I know and who provide good services and results, are friendly and reliable, and speak English well.

“Laura was very sweet. Her timely, kind and concise responses to my many, many questions and great recommendations put our minds at ease.
Laura genuinely cares about your special moment – she even gave me tissues through my happy tears! We were so well looked after and left feeling truly considered.”

Eiffel tower wedding anniversary dance married couple

Paris vow renewal photographer

Even if you are on a budget I would warmly recommend to hire a Paris vow renewal photographer. Some of my couples renewing vows in Paris did not hire a photographer. They told me that they regret this. Because now they now don’t have any pretty photos reminding them on their beautiful day in Paris.

So if you can spare a bit then I warmly recommend to hire a photographer. Even if you only book a very short photo session of let’s say 1-2 h. Then your photographer can at least capture your vow renewal ceremony. And there will still be time to take a few couple photos of the two of you in Paris.

Paris vow renewal video

You may not have thought of getting a vow renewal video. But simply check the video above on my page: Isn’t this a beautiful keepsake of your vow renewal in Paris. Vow renewal video are so special because they capture other aspects of your special day then your photographs. Most importantly it includes your vows and sometimes parts of your vow renewal ceremony. And I can’t tell you how powerful it is to hear each others voices again renewing wedding vows.

You can also show this video to your children and loved ones back home: They will be able to see you kissing at the Eiffel Tower, they will hear your emotional voices during the ceremony, they will get have the feeling to truly witness your Paris vow renewal – more then just with photos. So give it a thought! Maybe this is something you could enjoy as well.

Make your Paris vow renewal even prettier

Casual and low key or elegant and sumptuous: It is completely your decision how you want to celebrate your Paris vow renewal. In case you like the idea to pamper yourselves a bit more then here a few more ideas for your Paris vow renewal:

Beauty session

If you have a very specific makeup and hair style in mind it may be a nice treat to hire a professional stylist for your Paris vow renewal. It also takes the stress away: You may have to get up early for your sunrise ceremony. You will have a specific timeline in a city that you don’t know. A hair and makeup artists would come to your hotel (even very early in the morning!) and get you ready in time. They are also experienced with outdoor events and will be able to recommend and create styles that will last.

Flower bouquet

A very simple and beautiful way to make your Paris vow renewal style complete is by adding flowers. Similar as a wedding bouquet it will add a little pop of color and freshness – and always looks pretty on photographs. The Paris florists I mainly work with accept online orders and deliver your flowers to your hotel. This is a great way to safe time while in Paris. Because you don’t need to walk around to find a floral shop and risking that they don’t speak English and/or may not have the flowers/ colors you wish. Order you flowers in advance – one thing less to think about during your stay in Paris.

Vintage Car

Whereas beauty sessions and flowers are for her, this is a treat for both of you. Booking a French vintage car is a fun and romantic experience for your Paris vow renewal. The classic car comes with a chauffeur, so you don’t need to know how to drive stick or worry about traffic in Paris (it’s terrible and messy!). Your chauffeur will pick you at your hotel and drive you to all the different locations that you chose for your vow renewal ceremony and Paris photo shoot. Moreover you can use the vintage car for your photos. How classy is that please?

Paris vow renewal with your Paris officiant

So how are you feeling now? I am majorly excited and cannot wait to hear from you. Let’s create an unforgettable Paris vow renewal and one more milestone in your long and beautiful love story! I’d be happy to create a unique ceremony for the two of you and help you with suggestions for your vow renewal in Paris.

Photo: Paris Photographer Pierre Torset, Timeless Paris Photography, Paris Photographers TPP, Chris Perona, Studio Cabrelli; Video: Tommy Hartano

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