Places to elope in Paris

Places to elope in Paris

If you just decided to renew vows or get married in Paris you are surely currently looking for the best places to elope in Paris. A stunning, elegant or romantic outdoor location for your ceremony with a beautiful Parisian backdrop, right?

As your officiant in Paris I know the best places to elope in Paris for your ceremony. Intimate or iconic, romantic garden or famous landmark: Let me help you find the best Paris elopement location that is the perfect fit for YOU!

The best ceremony locations

There is an endless choice of beautiful places to elope in Paris. Basically you have to decide between to main types of Paris wedding locations:

1. Either you want to get married near one of the iconic Paris landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre or Notre Dame.

2. Or you decide for a romantic park or garden in Paris. Someplace less busy and more quiet for your intimate wedding ceremony.

1. Famous Paris landmarks

For you there is no doubt how the perfect spot for your outdoor ceremony looks like: You want to get married at at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum. One of the famous Paris landmarks have to be your ceremony backdrop. Because it has always been your dream to elope in Paris, to have a Paris wedding or to renew your vows in Paris. So the more iconic the better!

PRO TIP: Many people love visiting these famous Parisian sights. Quite likely you won’t be alone for your Eiffel Tower elopement, your ceremony at the Louvre or Notre Dame wedding. Scheduling your outdoor ceremony early in the morning is the only way to beat the crowds!

However Paris is a city that never really sleeps. The French capital is densely populated and a popular travel destination. So there can always be passersby and tourists especially at the famous Paris landmarks – even already in the early morning!

If it is important for you to be completely private and intimate the only way to be alone is in a private venue. In this case please feel free to have a look at my blogpost about the most beautiful wedding venues in Paris. There are many stunning Paris wedding venues with great views on the Eiffel Tower, outdoor and indoor options etc…

“Having our wedding in Paris was a dream for us but we had no idea where to begin. Laura suggested the perfect location, one we never would have been able to find without her creativity and knowledge of the area.”

Stunning ceremony backdrops & places to elope in Paris

But let’s get back to our outdoor ceremony locations with iconic Paris landmarks as a backdrop. Below you find galleries with photos showing the best place to elope in Paris near a Paris landmarks. Beautiful outdoor locations for your wedding ceremony with your English speaking Paris celebrant. Click on the photo thumbnails to see a larger picture of the ceremony location! You also find more photos and detailed information about specific locations in my blogpost: 7 most stunning Paris elopement locations.

Eiffel Tower Wedding

The Eiffel Tower is by far the most famous and iconic landmark in Paris. It symbolized love and romance. So clearly many couples dream about an Eiffel Tower wedding.

Here are the best ceremony locations for your Eiffel Tower wedding:

Paris Landmarks – more stunning places to elope in Paris

Paris is not only about the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. There are so many other stunning places to elope in Paris that are all about beautiful, elegant and breathtaking architecture. Why not going for a Louvre wedding? Or an elopement ceremony at the Golden Gate or Alexander III bridge? Also Montmartre with Sacre Coeur is sublime. See for yourself:

Notre Dame Wedding & Church wedding blessing

The Gothic cathedral Notre Dame Paris is almost as famous as the Eiffel Tower. Especially couples who are looking for a religious or spiritual vibe for their outdoor ceremony choose to get married near Notre Dame cathedral. But you don’t need to be religious to love the beautiful architecture as a backdrop for your Notre Dame wedding. As well as the beautiful Seine riverside and Parisian area around Notre Dame.

PLEASE NOTE: After the terrible fire at Notre Dame in spring 2019 we cannot use this location for the time being. If you want to elope with a church as your backdrop I recommend as private venue Chapelle Expiatoire or as public outdoor location Sacre Coeur in Montmartre!

Here are ceremony locations for your Notre Dame wedding:

2. Romantic Gardens & Parks

Sure, you love the famous landmarks in Paris! That’s also why you are about to elope in Paris or renew your wedding vows in the city of love. And you surely want to take Paris wedding photos at these iconic places.

However for your ceremony you would love to be as private as possible. Since Paris landmarks as the Eiffel Tower or Louvre naturally attract many people you would rather find a less busy and more intimate place to elope in Paris.

Because maybe you are a bit shy. Or at least you would not feel overly comfortable if tourist groups chatter loudly nearby or passersby decide to witness and film your elopement or vow renewal ceremony. Your priority clearly is a quiet and intimate wedding elopement.

So why not getting married in one of the romantic parks in Paris or in an beautiful garden in Paris?

Firstly these ceremony locations are usually less noisy because they are away from busy streets and loud traffic. Second they provide spots for outdoor ceremonies that are less exposed as at the Paris landmarks. And last but not least most parks and gardens in Paris are less crowded with tourist groups visiting them.

“I had a million questions and Laura was very patient and helpful in nailing down the most perfect Paris elopement location for our ceremony.
She even worked details about our wedding location into our ceremony and tied it all together with the theme of love and our love story.”

Intimate Paris elopement locations

PRO TIP: Even if parks and gardens are less crowded with tourist groups, the best time for your intimate wedding ceremony are still in general the mornings! Starting from noon Parisians enjoy their parks and gardens for lunch breaks and picnics. Especially if the weather is good. These locations are defintely less busy and more quiet and intimate than the landmarks. But don’t expect to be completely alone!

Below you find a gallery with pictures of ceremony locations in romantic gardens and beautiful parks such as Luxembourg Gardens. See more photos and detailed information to some of these locations in my blogpost: 9 intimate & romantic locations for your elopement ceremony in Paris.

For more inspiration feel free to browse through my blog, Instagram or Facebook to find more pictures of places to elope in Paris.

Romantic, intimate or iconic: As your English speaking celebrant in Paris I will help you finding a beautiful outdoor ceremony location in Paris. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, your Paris officiant! Together we find the best outdoor ceremony location for your Paris elopement, intimate Paris wedding or Paris vow renewal ceremony.

Photographers of these places to elope in Paris

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