Services & Rates – Wedding Ceremony

Bespoke Wedding Ceremony (from 990 €)

bespoke wedding ceremony in English (with a little French touch!):
– unique & meaningful script
– romantic & personal performance
the 3 classic wedding rituals:
– question of intent (the “I do’s”)
– wedding vows (choice of standard vows or your personal vows)
ring exchange
modern ceremony elements:
– wedding readings (religious, spiritual, non-religious or poetic)
– wedding rituals (e.g. unity candles, handfasting, sand ritual, time capsule ritual)
– contributions of your guests
ceremony keepsakes:
– symbolic wedding certificate (Paris themed of course!)
– print of your bespoke ceremony script
– print of personal wedding vows on demand
More than just a ceremony:
– support coordinating all elements of your ceremony (e.g. processional/recessional, musicians, contributions of guests)
– personal communication (I am here for you from your first email until your wedding day – and often even beyond!)
– support, tips & vendor recommendations

Please note:
Travel fees to your venue outside of Paris are NOT included!

Please provide your venue & starting time for a customized quote
• Taxes are included!

Additional services:

Wedding Rehearsal (from +350€)

During a wedding rehearsal we practice your wedding ceremony. We mainly work on the procession and positioning during the ceremony and also practice key elements of your ceremony.
Language: Bilingual wedding rehearsal – price on request!
Recommendation: If your wedding party consists of 10+ people and/or your procession/ ceremony is rather complex I warmly recommend a wedding rehearsal!

Language Options:

Complete Bilingual Ceremony – full version (from +350€)

I will write your entire ceremony script in two different languages and will perform your wedding ceremony by constantly switching between these two languages.
Possible languages: English, French, German
Recommendation: If a significant part of your guests does not understand English, I would recommend a full bilingual ceremony to ensure that everybody understands everything – from beginning to end!

Partly Bilingual Ceremony – light version (from +100€)

I will only translate and perform the most important parts of your wedding ceremony in a second language (e.g. welcome, I do’s, wedding vows, ring exchange, pronouncement).
Recommendation: If most of your guests understand English then a partly bilingual ceremony may be sufficient and will ensure that everybody understands the most important parts!

To get a better feeling of my ceremonies watch the wedding videos below!

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